3DS accounts for more than 50% of Nintendo's business

If you were wondering why Nintendo plans to continue 3DS support through 2018, the chart above should give you your answer. People love the platform and keep supporting it, meaning Nintendo is going to do the same in return.

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Makes since, especially considering Nintendo is gonna have a hard time making enough new hardware for the near future.

Does make sense on one hand.

But after 2018, surely...

Yes! Thank god for some facts! People just don't seem to get it. The 3DS makes money. Why should it stop because of the Switch? Different systems! 3DS = Handheld. Switch = Home console.

But the 3DS is as dead as Metroid was about a month ago!

Tue Jun 20 17 06:02am
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Comments here are pretty sure that the 3DS will become irrelevant after 2018 huh?

Are you even aware that the Switch is not backwards compatible? Its for that very reason that even if game support is gone, the support for the 3DS will still be around for another couple of years.

You can sill find a Wii mini/Wii at a good price and there's still demand for it. For Nintendo to end that demand so soon is only hurting them and the consumers more in the long run.

After all, compared to the Wii U, the 3DS DID make money for them in the end.

Tue Jun 20 17 09:26am
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I still think it's clear that Nintendo is diminishing support and wants people to migrate to the Switch ASAP, as proven by the Spotlight showcase and recent Directs. But makes sense that they won't kill the 3DS business until the console's profitability becomes so little that it's not worth supporting it anymore.

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure 2018 and 2019's (should there be) 3DS releases will be dominated by third party games, with the occasional small first party title.

Tue Jun 20 17 09:47am
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You mean the system that sold really well alongside the system that sold really poorly makes up a high percentage of their business? Stop the presses.

I think the next 3DS will be able to support Switch cartridges.. or at least, it will eventually.

obviously it's because the 3d effect is too great :D right? please pretty please

Interesting visual but I think I'd prefer a bar chart showing the categories w/ an equalized scale.

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