Metroid: Samus Returns - A full look at Europe's Collector's Edition

Man, our collector's edition is nothing compared to this one. That's an absolutely gorgeous set. It's not often Europe gets the better deal. Good for them...and all the more reason for me to import! Thanks to NintenDaan for the heads up!

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This is a revenge for the US Zelda BOTW Set.
Take this, USA!

Sad Thats not nice.lol.

Wow, I love that Game Boy cartridge design for the Steel Book.

Unfortunately, it also highlights what I liked about Samus's design in the original Metroid II. I do prefer the blue visor over the glowing green one (which kinda reminds me of the Xbox logo...)

Finally a good look at this Edition. And it is gorgeous, I am glad I have now secured it, and I am very glad things like this are not as hard to get as it seems to be in the US and such. ^^ Cannot wait to get this for my collection, and to finally play a new 2D Metroid. fittingly it is a remake of the only Metroid I never played. AND it comes with the original version.

Oh, and I love that SteelBook. Not what I expected, but it is very unique and I am sure it looks very nice in person. ^^

My exact words, spoken out loud: holy s$&t!

Man, this collector's edition package looks great; even has a steelbook in shape of Game Boy cartridge, soundtrack CD, and I think the artbook might be hardcover too. I wish they'd release all of that here in the US.. sigh

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I got used to the age rating logos (can't stand the puky lime green of the PEGI logo though). But what really grinds my gears is the French translation on almost all of these limited editions. Just why? Nobody has to be told what limited, special, Collector's or 'whatever you want to call it' edition means in your own language. Those are totally common words.

Couldn't they print that on the side of the box? I wouldn't even mind a translation into the other 'big' languages then.

Oh well, what counts is the content of the box. And I'm amazed at the sight of this thing. Totally awesome!

As an Australian who won't have the opportunity to buy this at retail, does anyone know of a place in the U.K. I could purchase from online without issue?

I've contacted GAME and ShopTo without success. Waiting on a few other places to respond to my emails.

I'd love to get my hands on this, but it will probably sell out quick (if it hasn't already).


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