Brook Super Converter now supports Switch

The Brook Super Converter let you use your PS3/PS4 controllers on Wii U, but now the device has gotten an update. You can get the same PS3/PS4 support on your Switch! Obviously it's not going to be the best option in all instances, but it will get the job done.

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That cool, but when is someone going to make something similar to use a gamecube or gamecuble styled controller with it?

if i remember correctly the third party gamecube adapter does work with switch now

Which one are we talking about? I have a mayflash one for the wii u but I doubt it will work with switch.

I think it is mayflash i remember seeing an article here on gn but i never looked into it cause i dont have a mayflash adapter.

I looked it up, it technically works, but not really. You trick the switch into thinking its a pokken controller, but that doesn't even have analog sticks, so its useless to me.

Ooooh, need one for the Wii U Pro as soon as possible.

Grabbed mine for the first time in months to try plugging it into the Switch to see if the 3.0 update supported it. No luck, but boy was that a satisfying reminder of how comfy that thing is.

I need a Dreamcast to Switch converter. Seriously. I have a great arcade stick that I use for Super Turbo and Third Strike on the Dreamcast, and I would like to use it for Ultra Street Fighter on the Switch.


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