XCOM 2 dev would have pitched Nintendo on a crossover idea if he knew Nintendo would be up for it

We've already shared some comments from XCOM 2’s creative director Jake Solomon on Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle. He loved what he saw and thinks it's fantastic that the collab is happening. Now we also know that Solomon wishes he got in on the idea first!

“If I had know we could have done that, I would have pitched that to Nintendo a long time ago.”

Nintendo has a close relationship with Ubisoft, so I don't know that they would have moved on the idea without them. I mean, Miyamoto does love those Rabbids!


Won't know if you don't ask.

To be fair, Nintendo for the longest time has been extremely closed when it comes to lending their IP.
After the Mario movie and some shoddy edutainment titles, they closed the door to almost everyone until recently.

Mon Jun 26 17 04:51pm
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I think they started to be a little more open around 2004-2005 when EA (of all the companies) managed to get Nintendo IPs on their games: Mario, Luigi and Peach in NBA Street V3 and SSX On Tour for no real reason, and SNES Little Mac in Fight Ninght Round 2 with Super Punch-Out!! included.

They also got a lot more open when Iwata announced he wanted to expand the reach of Nintendo's IP a few years ago.
It's certainly nice seeing Nintendo everywhere once again.

Man, do I want XCOM on my Switch...


I'd love to see a Metroid that plays like XCOM. They could have the sorta same exploration and eerie atmosphere and whatnot, but have battles work like this. I have never played XCOM but I do think Mario + Rabbids looks awesome, and Metroid would be interesting in this style. Now that I know we are getting a new 2D, and Prime game, I am all for some Metroid Spinoffs. ^^

It does sound cool, but after all the whining about the Federation Force spinoff, I wouldn't hold my breath for that one :P

Naw, no worries, in this game you'd probably be alone. ^^ Would be interesting to play like XCOM, but being 1 vs loads of enemies.

But yeah, I am sure they are very weary about Metroid Spinoffs right now, when not even the main games sells 'that' well.

No surprise really...Samus is really the main reason why spin offs for this IP can't happen.

The problem with the IP is that nearly all the games have focused on Samus. Metroid just doesn't have any characters that can work as spin offs and because of that, there's little room for experimentation here.

Though you do not need other characters to experiment. Samus has already done very spinoffy things. She was a Pinball game, even. If she can be a traditional Metroid, and a FPA, and a arena shooter, and a pinball, then I am sure XCOM and Souls and etc could totally work if done right. ^^

I do not think Samus is in the way of experimenting with the franchise. She is flexible.

I'd love for him to have pitched a crossover that WASN'T rabbids. I'm sorry I think the game looks okay but I will NEVER get it because of the Rabbids. I just can't...

Mon Jun 26 17 05:52pm
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Oooh, I actually own that mushroom-sitting Rayman figure! I managed to win one of these with a Rayman 3 contest. So nice :D

Mon Jun 26 17 07:04pm
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XCOM x Advance Wars would be sweet.

Actually, even just XCOM with Nintendo-level polish would be sweet.

Second XCOM x Advance Wars

Uhh...no that won't work...really..no...atleast not right now.


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