StarFox 2 - Japanese box

I mean...what world am I in? How is this not the Twilight Zone?! I'm posting the official StarFox 2 box for Japan, and the game is seeing release in all regions this year. In all my years of GN, this is the most surreal moment I've ever had.

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This is more surreal than Sonic being on a Nintendo system? Or has GN not been around that long?

And this is the year we're getting a Mario x Rabbids crossover.

"Fifteen hundred years ago everybody knew the Earth was the center of the universe. Five hundred years ago, everybody knew the Earth was flat, and fifteen minutes ago, you knew that humans were alone on this planet. Imagine what you'll know tomorrow."

Em Eye Bee. The first one was of course the best.

Well sure. But the difference is, Rabbids basically started as a thing Ubisoft threw to the Nintendo consoles, and for the most part, the Rabbids games have remained on Nintendo consoles. So while this is a bizarre crossover (and still one that I would argue no one actually asked for, even though some may now want it), it isn't a huge shock (meaning that the initial rumors months ago even, were not really shocking).

After Sega went third party back in 2001, and then having a port of Sonic Adventure on Gamecube? To a kid who grew up in the 90s, in the midst of those "Console Wars" when Nintendo and Sega fans were all fired up over which was better? Yeah, it was a huge initial shock to see Sega games on a Nintendo system, simply because no one from that era would have ever thought that would happen.

So that's why it gets my vote for "most unexpected/shocking" thing to happen, Nintendo related.

Now I really hope someone will be able to crack the SNES Mini, extract the final Star Fox 2 rom, and produce a repro cart using this cover art.

New SNES game in 2017... uhm... So... Is the DeLorean really work?

They should release this on an SNES cart.

There are repros out there but I have heard that some of them run choppily because the Super FX 2 chip in them needs to be overclocked. It's cool that they exist but it definitely requires proper homework before jumping in.

Donald Trump is president of the United States, Bubsy is being revived, Star Fox 2 is officially being released, Mario is getting a Rabbids crossover game...2017 has been one wacky year. And we're only halfway done!

Hopefully this gets released on Virtual Console at some point.

RMC you lived through the Bob's Game saga. This is what gets you?

I've always felt the Bob's Game disaster was more embarrassing than anything.
There have been many shocking and surreal things going on the world of Nintendo these last few years however.

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