Namco Museum to include Pac-Man Vs.

Bandai Namco has revealed that Pac-Man Vs. will be included in Namco Museum for Switch. Pac-Man Vs. was created by Shigeru Miyamoto, developed by Nintendo, and originally released for GameCube in 2003. It involved gameplay using both the TV and a GBA. Later on, it was remade for release on DS.

Also worth noting, this information came from the latest issue of Famitsu, which in turn, confirms the game for launch in Japan.

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Looking forward to this!

Yeesh.. I remember watching E3 on G4 when Miyamoto showed this off... that feels like a lifetime ago.

How will it work though?
Other than that it's a fantastic game so that's awesome.

Tue Jun 27 17 03:16pm
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I remember buying the pac-man game back in the day just for this bonus. It got hours of play. I wish it were available as a standalone download title.

Either one docked Switch showing the ghosts' view on the TV and one handheld Switch for Pac-Man, or a handheld Switch for each player, with the ghosts' screens being all the same and Pac-Man's being different.

Or the game will allow for 3ds connectivity for the first time.

Loved it on Gamecube (still have it, 2 copies even)

Bought Namco Museum on DS and it has the game too. but... it lacks Mario narrating...

Hopefully the Switch version brings Mario back.

"Oh no... things-a looking not so good."

Great game! I own it on GameCube but only got to play it a couple of times. How is this going to work? I assume it will require at least two Switch systems? Would've been easier to just release Pac-Man Vs. as a standalone title on Wii U eShop. Like the Nintendo Land games, have Pac-Man on the GamePad and the other players playing on the TV.

Tue Jun 27 17 03:55pm
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just get a 3DS version. the limitations of the switch make this impossible to play using just the switch hardware.

Status jumped to must buy for me!

How did this game never end up on the WiiU? It could've been a nice eShop game.

I have the exact same question, when the WiiU was announced that was the first game that I think it would be a perfect fit for the system, but it never came unfortunately.

I agree with the fact that not having Pac-Man Vs. in Wii U was a missed opportunity.

I have it on DS, but without Charles Martinet/Mario, it lacks the charm of the Gamecube original.

This must have download play. I don't want to have to buy multiple copies in order to play it.

Well, now I need to get this. It was originally a complete pass to me (due to the lackluster collection of arcade classics for the price they're asking)... but including Pac-Man Vs? I'm sold.

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