IGN - Dylan Cuthbert shares more thoughts on StarFox 2 finally seeing release

A portion of an IGN interview with StarFox 2 dev, Dylan Cuthbert...

IGN: It was a surprise to see a release for Star Fox 2 announced with the SNES Classic! Were you involved in this version at all or was it a surprise to you too?

Dylan Cuthbert: All a big fantastic surprise - awesome news! I think it is the main selling point of the new SNES classic - that and the original Star Fox finally getting a re-release!

IGN: Do you know whether the game will be identical to the one you made all those years ago or has it been changed in some way? I believe the game was only 95% complete when you finished working on it, but what was left to do for the final 5%? Were you involved in any new tweaks?

DC: I have no idea, but we mastered it up completely back in the day, internationally too - I presume it will be that mastered version? It is one of those games that got fully completed but then due to market changes was shelved.

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