RUMOR - IGN says Ubisoft is having trouble bringing Steep to Switch

We've all been wondering what's up with Steep on Switch. Ubisoft hasn't really said much about the game since it was confirmed for Switch. While they still remain quite, IGN says inside sources tell them the port process is not going smoothly. As a matter of fact, Nintendo has stepped in to help Ubisoft get things up-and-running, especially when it comes to the online aspect.

Furthermore, a source not willing to be named told IGN that the game may end up missing out on Switch altogether. Thanks to Johannes for the heads up!

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Thu Jun 29 17 09:29pm
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I guess the cost of porting it over may end up being too steep.

I'm not gonna lie, and I don't mean anything more when I say this but... I totally forgot this game existed.

This explains why things have been so quiet, at least they're still trying for the time being at least.

I expected this, really. First, Steep isn't played much on the other consoles... I basically forgot about this game. And then, Nintendo must bring a solution to have the switch be online all the time while away from home for this to work. Otherwise, Steep won't work.

So it's basically an "always online" game like Overwatch?

That's pretty much the answer

I suspect it has something to do with this. Like the feature they're making more optional (the always-online) wasn't planned to be built that way. IF these rumors are to be believed, I can see why and where Nintendo would need to step in.

That or Mario Hats on the boards themselves.

I haven't even heard of this game before Ubisofts E3 conference this year. I legit thought it was a brand new game reveal.

Thu Jun 29 17 09:29pm
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I guess the cost of porting it over may end up being too steep.

Fri Jun 30 17 01:10am
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Jokes like that cancels games, bro.

Silly you, they need some funny denigratory names to accomplish that feat! Like BlowFish or something like that.

SSX Tricky or go home.

Fri Jun 30 17 01:25am
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I really hope they figure out a way to get this game out. I haven't played it yet and was holding out for its Switch release.

No surprise, the PS4 version doesn't have solid performance, last I checked.

I'd be totally fine if this one skipped Switch with the assurance that the sequel (not a thing yet) would come to Switch. Imagining this game taking inspiration from Breath of the Wild is incredibly appealing.

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