Amazon UK restricts SNES Classic Edition preorders to one per customer

Amazon UK is trying to fight back against scalpers by limiting SNES Classic Edition preorders to one per customer. While this might be a nuisance for some consumers, at least most can understand why the rule is being put into action.

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Tue Jul 04 17 01:30pm
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It should be this way for ALL countries. People buying more than one are more likely to scalp the extras.

Sane with Amazon Germany. I support that.

I noticed UK retailers did the same with the Switch at launch, sounds like a good idea to me.

They need to do this in the US for sure. Also hope they revise the Prime rules to allow the 20% discount on collector editions and amiibo with a limit of one qualifying for the discount.

I don't know why it says you don't get the 20% on collectors editions because I have gotten the discount on a few different collector's editions.

They only *just* changed it. Like... in the last couple weeks.

I've gotten many CEs with the 20% off, but they went and announced this change right before E3. More or less "silently". Regardless not the least bit happy about it.

first retailer which didn't enforce that rule from what I heard, so good on them. As a general rule like the first month of anything should be like that

It was restricting people from day 1. When I preordered on day 1 I wasn't able to order more than a single unit.


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