HAL reconfirms mystery Kirby title for 3DS this Winter

We you worried that the Kirby Switch reveal was Nintendo's tease of an upcoming Kirby game? Thinking Nintendo fooled everyone by swerving us with a Switch game when they said 3DS? That's not the case, as Hal's Satoshi Ishida confirmed that the Switch and 3DS Kirby games are different projects, and the 3DS title is due out this Winter.

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Way too many Kirby games and spin offs to keep track. Wish they'd just make a high budget, fully 3D platformer starring Kirby

Tue Jul 04 17 03:47pm
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HAL really has been super productive these last few years. But since Kirby is my all-time favorite game series, I don't mind getting all these games.

It is his 25th anniversary though, and HAL has been able to pump out these games with a bit of asset recycling and being able to expand on already-established concepts (Blowout Blast and Kirby Team Clash Deluxe most likely wouldn't have been as grand as they are if they didn't rough draft them in Robobot, and they possibly wouldn't have existed at all this year too).

I'm sure HAL is going to make that high-budget, formula-shaking Kirby game at some point in the Switch's lifetime.

Tue Jul 04 17 05:32pm
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Because Kirby Switch is totally confirmed as a small budget game.

Or are we talking Michael Bay level expectations for budget and experience?

Not so sure since you don't see that many 3D Platform games outside Super Mario so its a bit risky for them to try 3-D.

Also isn't Kirby's Blowout technically 3D?

Tue Jul 04 17 03:56pm
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So we get a Kirby game tomorrow that's from the Robobot cart.
Another 3DS Kirby game later this year.
And Switch one sometime after?

Agreed. It's a good time to be a Kirby fan! Smile

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Tue Jul 04 17 04:12pm
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Tue Jul 04 17 07:50pm
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It'll be hard to follow up on Planet Robobot!

I only play Kirby games every so often, but that one could not, and should not be missed!

Tue Jul 04 17 04:26pm
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I was hoping the Kirby multiplayer game for 3DS would make a surprise appearance at E3, but nope.

Not sure I want it anymore anyway with the Switch Kirby game coming next year.

They did say that the multiplayer Kirby game will be revealed at somepoint of time so that might be the new Kirby game for the 3DS.

Glad we have a game on the 3DS. I will be picking up this one and not the Switch one!

I figured they would wait til later to show it off, but it's good to hear it's still on.


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