Namco Museum - Pac-Man Vs. to feature download play through eShop app

- play with 1 to 3 people on 1 Switch, but only as Ghosts
- multiplayer will require each player to have a controller
- with two Switches, one player can be Pac-Man and 1-3 people can be Ghosts
- this is handled locally by downloading a free App on the eShop that enables Download Play
- one person must have purchased the game to make this option available

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None of my friends nearby have a Nintendo Switch yet. I'll probably have to wait awhile before I can play this (unless there is online play). Also, this game would've been a perfect match for Wii U.

Thu Jul 06 17 05:07pm
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Yeah, I'm stil mad that it was not released on the WiiU, it was the first game that came to my mind when the WiiU was announced.

Thu Jul 06 17 05:39am
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I have my original GameCube copie(s) from that ill-fated year of Nintendo's weak and strange E3, where they showed off asymmetric interconnectivity with the Game Boy Advance in desperation to drive more $ales by attempts at innovatingly making them work together... that and all those CABLE$!!😱
Some copies were in a rare double GameCube disk holding keep case. (that have seen demo disks too😮) But those having the PAC-Man VS. as shown in a sleeve, may have a collector's item!😉
I didn't know about it's inclusion in the Namco Museum, but surely it honors Miyamoto who was honoring Toru Iwatani.🤓
Little did people know that those early games utilizing two screens would lead to the DS—
The thing that virtually Saved Nintendo from their lowest selling console yet...😔
But who would've thought we'd see it eight years later in the design of the Wii U?😜

So is this app a generalized app for any form of download play or is this a dedicated app just for this game?

Was thinking the same. Since it's a feature that will go beyond this one game it should be standard... But Nintendo might not have made such an app yet because Nintendo.

Thank you for allowing this to work with download play. Hopefully other games will make use of this feature for future Switch games as well.

OH THANK GOODNESS. Online play would still be nice but at least they knew it would be dumb to include without download play

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