Mobile app Final Clash is using unedited Zelda: Breath of the Wild music/footage to promote their game

I mean, what in the HELL is going on here?! The Final Clash devs just don't give a crap, do they? Most people will know this is Breath of the Wild, but I'm sure someone will go grab the game thinking this is what they're getting. Talk about some really lazy advertising.


Thu Jul 06 17 02:50pm
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If you don’t find this hilarous, you’re taking this video game thing way too seriously.


I've seen a ton of youtube ads for random mobile games that do this. I distinctly remember one that used the Charizard reveal trailer for Smash Bros. Unfortunately theres no way to report ads on youtube.

Yeah, Pokemon in particular has footage and art stolen all the time for mobile ads. I really wish you could report that shit...

That's just blatant false publicity!

Sadly, this is not a new low. It's quite a common low, actually, for bad mobile games to steal things from other, better, games to promote themselves using false advertisement.
But I do know that now I wouldn't play Final Clash if the producers paid ME.


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