THQ Nordic says De Blob is the "perfect indie game", reveal cancelled De Blob online game with Splatoon vibes

Coming from THQ Nordic development director Reinhard Pollice...

"De Blob is the perfect indie game. On the Wii, it was a bit underrepresented - it should have been on Steam in the first place, it would have been a massive success. Although it's not that hardcore, in terms of the visual style, the mechanics are so cool and it's so relaxing. I remember when we looked into that, I was playing it with a Wii emulator and I felt like I could play it forever.

Before THQ went bankrupt, they had an online De Blob game [in development] which was basically like Splatoon. It was never released, but I think they invested a couple of million into it. They were making it for Asia. It was pretty far [through development], it wasn't far off soft-launch. But it was funny, because when Nintendo announced Splatoon I was like 'hey, I've already seen that - that's literally De Blob Online'."

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I loved de Blob and Splatoon is turning into one of my favorite franchises. I'll admit that when Nintendo first showed off Splatoon I immediately got de Blob vibes, but outside of the paint/ink mechanic...the games couldn't be any more different. de Blob was essentially a platformer with some puzzles and action.

I think de Blob could actually gain some success merely from releasing in a post-Splatoon gaming landscape now. It looked a bit out there even for the time, but now a lot has changed since [even disregarding Splatoon] with Indies and all.

Thu Jul 06 17 03:57pm
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Steam, was such a clusterfuck then as it is now when it comes to indies. I honestly doubt it would have taken off like it did on the Wii if it were on Steam.

Yeah I read that, and was like.... riiiight okay, just keep telling yourself that.

Man, I love De Blob, but this guy sounds like he's talking out his butt.

His juicy little butt!

Thu Jul 06 17 05:11pm
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There aren't enough grains of salt in the world to take with the notion that they were doing Splatoon first.

Thu Jul 06 17 05:07pm
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I really loved De Blob, but...

Dang, I wonder if that just makes him sleep better at night saying stuff like that. Reminds me when people try to bring up that canceled Rare game that had paint or something too. Color Wars?

Thu Jul 06 17 06:14pm
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I think de Blob only got the attention it did because it was on Wii. They made a sequel for all platforms (if I remember correctly) and it didn't do so hot, so maybe the franchise would have done better if it were on Steam, but I personally think its real downfall came about when it decided to "grow" beyond Wii.

sure man I believe you. what a clown. no being on steam doesn't make you a success. No nintendo isn't "undeserving" no nintendo isn't screwing consumers around out of their money. So there's just no way for a freaking paid employee to brag about how they did not pay for either product the wii or de blob. It's unprofessional , and yet will totally go unnoticed . If he said "lol I played that 360 game on my hacked box for free" yeah that would have raised some eyebrows

as always with video games , pay don't pay, like it don't like it either way is more than fine. But don't pretend to do the "right thing" by not paying product from big company B in order to afford product from big company A. and sure as hell don't act like your defending consumers

Thu Jul 06 17 07:27pm
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I remember trying out the prototype concept for De Blob, which was a PC game I believe, developed by students of a computer science university in Utrecht, Netherlands. The demo had you play a blob that rolled (!) and had to paint real life Utrecht buildings and stuff, it was pretty impressive at the time for something made by students.

EDIT: The website is still up and the demo still available for those interested : http://blob.oogst3d.net/

EDIT 2 : Aww apparently you can't download the demo anymore. Bummer.

I hope this guy can learn to speak less boastfully. I get what he's saying, territory capture represented with colors, but that's not something Splatoon did first, nor the extent of Splatoon's design.

I'd love a de Blob sequel, and honestly, I should play de Blob 2.

GameFly leaked a PS4 port of de Blob a while ago, where are we on that, eh?

The thing I don't like is him boasting he played on an emulator... Okay... right... unnecessary information?

Jeez, the downvotes on this article. You think maybe he might actually be telling the truth and that cancelled Blob game was Splatoon-like? You don't know that it wasn't.

Fri Jul 07 17 05:23am
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played and finished all (3) games, first one on the wii the 2nd one on the 360 because the game really makes no proper use of motion controls (and because it looks FAR BETTER on HD). The DS one was one of the easiest games I played ever yet it was fun!! Loved the story on the first one, it has a lot of political undertones, the game is simplistic but fun and perfect for OCD gamers like myself. It was not a good idea to make the HD versions since the target audience was on the wii since that drove them out of business but I understand that they were trying to expand their market.

So yeah I would love a sequel if they can find a way to evolve the core mechanics a bit as this was one of the wii's surprises back in the day and there is still some potential here.

of course nordic also said that is is sad that the switch is not more powerful, so they too are annoyed nintendo did not go for an X2 and these people were one of the FEW developers who DID support (even partly - ie no painkiller) the wiiU.

Back then the Wii was "da sheit", so saying this about steam is silly.


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