RUMOR - NES emulator found in Switch firmware

With the plans for NES games to hit Switch down the road, it's not really surprising to see something like this on the system. Now we just sit and wait to see when Nintendo will let us actually use the thing!

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What about Gamecube firmware? :^)

If true, I don't care, I would have gladly bought a NES Classic at full price even if I never play half the games. I just wanted the awesome miniature system and controllers in my living room to boot up whenever I wanted. Now since I don't care about more than half the games, I'd never get this digitally, I would rather just buy the few games I really want individually. I guess in the end Nintendo will simply get a lot less money from me.

Well good. Perhaps Nintendo has learned from their past mistakes of putting a full on emulator + ROM in each VC executable.

That said, once the systems has been completely compromised (and it'll only be a matter of time at the rate the hackers are going), this is really going to be exploited a lot.


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