Netflix's Castlevania producer says season 2 scripts are done, wants to do a Metroid adaptation

A portion of a Nintendo Life interview with producer Adi Shankar...

NL: It's been confirmed that Netflix has taken a second series of eight episodes; is the script already in place and will this next season take us to the conclusion of Castlevania III's narrative?

AS: Yeah the scripts are done and they blow Season 1 out of the water. I’m not answering the rest of this… I don’t want to spoil it!

NL: What other video game series would you like to adapt?

AS: Dark Metroid in the same anime style.

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Tue Jul 11 17 01:04pm
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Metroid, yes please. Maybe not quite as violent. Metroid has a darker edge but wouldn't feel right if it went too mature.

Tue Jul 11 17 01:27pm
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Given how this guy's also talked about doing a "dark" Mega Man and now a "dark" Metroid (as if Metroid wasn't dark already), I'm afraid that's exactly the direction he'd take it.

Tue Jul 11 17 01:38pm
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The producer like making gritty reimaiginings of known IPs. He's also the one that made that Power Rangers gritty short.

Metroid?? That sounds promising

metroid would make so much sense. nintendo really should look into that for advertisement purposes for metroid 4.

Uhh hello? Fire emblem too!!!!

Fire Emblem seems better with a normal anime. It doesn't need death or anything unless there plot deaths.

Uhh there are a bunch of death plots in Fire emblem...like Holy War?

I'd be down for a Metroid adaption. The violence would largely be against aliens, I'm sure, so that would be more "Okay".

Besides, I'm sure Nintendo would have a LOT of creative say in the project, so it would only get so crazy.

Tue Jul 11 17 03:04pm
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Just like how in Castlevania, the violence is largely against demons and monsters!

Well, Trevor has not held back on taking out a few jerk humans along the way.

Precisely. Two episodes in--out of four--and Trevor Leonhart-Snow has yet to even encounter a demon. He's too busy maiming everyone he bumps into on the street, which isn't exactly how I remember Castlevania.

It's a slow burn, but I think it makes sense. It reminds me more of a coherent Simon's Quest, where he is running into fearful, mistrusting villagers, and having to deal with the after effects of a Dracula ravaged country. Only four episodes of world building makes the payoff of what we got just seem less. Believe me, I groaned "No" at the end of episode four because we were finally starting to get into the beginnings of the action, but they're trying to create a story out of a very base plot.

Trevor immediately hopping around whipping candles for items and eating wall meat wouldn't translate as well to a story as people would hope it would. Even if the concept would be incredibly funny.

The real problem is that four episodes simply was not enough, especially where the series left off.

I really liked his treatment on Castlevania, other than a slightly-too-snarky Syfa. I say let the guy do it, Nintendo. He obviously understands the games, which is something that can't be said for most people working on video game movies.

Can you make a show with a single main character though?

I mean that's the corner the franchise has had. From representation in Smash, to a movie.

Even the manga had to invent characters and most of them never appeared in the games. Just to have Samus talking to someone.

That's a really good question. I've seen movies you might consider "art films" that have just one character for most of or all of their duration and they turn out fine. But they also might not appeal to the general movie-goer. Some mainstream movies pull it off for certain durations, like Tom Hanks in Castaway, or they allow the singular character to communicate with off-screen people like in Buried.

I really think if you make what's happening on screen interesting, it doesn't matter that there aren't multiple characters speaking to each other. But if that's too risky, I think I'd settle for a Metroid that has a few invented characters, or where Samus sometimes communicates with the Federation during her mission.

Tue Jul 11 17 03:22pm
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So looking forward to season 2.
And a Metroid adaption would be kind of awesome.

Tue Jul 11 17 03:55pm
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Please no. Watched the 4 half a**ed Episodes yesterday and besides "R-Rated as F***", there wasn't much to explore besides cheesy oneliners and hardcore americanization. Due tue it's trash-factor, it was still enjoyable on a different level of entertainment. All in all, this Series is what to expect if american guys take on a japanese Franchise. It may be not as trashy as the animated Zelda Series, but the Castlevania Series isn't far away from that level.

The Animations were nice to look at though, I have to give them this credit. Nothing groundbreaking, but no overuse of ugly CGI like the new Berserk Series.

In the end, I don't need a second Mini-Series. Wasn't simply my cup of tea. There are many great animations shows produced in the US, Castlevania isn't one of them.

I'm just curious, what would be different story wise if Japanese made it. I'm genuinely curious, because I played maybe 90% of all the Castlevania games. Im American and don't speak Japanese though. Am I missing something?

Wed Jul 12 17 09:14pm
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Japanese storytelling is on a whole different level. I don't say american writers arent't capable of writing great stories, the problem here is the american way of taking on a japanese Series. It's the same problem which is currently facing the upcoming Death Note Movie also produced by Netflix (the Trailer are giving us a vibe of the Devil May Cry Reboot which was also westernized in a pretty cheesy way). But it is also a problem of the new Resident Evil 7 where Capcom hired an american writer for the first time.

I have to admit, Castlevania never had the biggest stories. But simply comparing the Netflix Series with Symphony of the Night, one might know what the Series is lacking -Atmosphere-. There simply isn't any atmosphere which catches the viewer. The Series is gory, but there are no characters I felt attached to. The bodycount is high, but I don't feel sympathy for any of the characters. Of course, the Series can still be fun to watch especially for people who like the trashy humor. For me, it is a missed opportunity. They had the chance to create an epic TV-Drama in the Animation Genre. Instead they created a gory Action-Series with unlikeable characters and goofy humor.

I'm not the biggest into amine or mangas, although Ive watched attack on titan, HxH, too name a few... and i don't think so highly of Japanese story telling. Its different, has its amazing writing as any other country.

Specifically with Castlevania I'm surprised because I've seen a lot of people comment negatively on the first season of Castlevania... I think this the major shortcomings stem from several things. ( this is speculation)

1. Netflix gambling in this show. They paid for 4 episodes. I believe they established a lot for 4 episodes and introduced a world and 4 major characters. The show was immediately granted a second season with 8 episodes this time. I'm sure a lot more expansion can be made next season.

2. I didn't see any of the action in the show as fluff or mindless. I would argue the bar scene establishes Trevor at his lowest point.... he states something along the lines of "I've fought monsters of the night and never lost to one" yet the audience sees him barely holding his own against some common drunkards in a local bar. He's developing already, as a character and will continue as the series progresses. Give it time

3. The biggest complaint, which I can agree with is music (which i think comes hand in hand with atmosphere). What is Castlevania without the bad ass tunes? Now my speculation is from reading about working with Konami... They aren't easy to work with. Id speculate Konami didn't answer or allow their music to touch this show until they saw if it would succeed. I'm willing to bet we WILL get some version of a traditional Castlevania tune in this series eventually. Maybe not season 2 or even 3. But I assure you it will happen.

4. The story they choose to use was a mix of lore from Castlevania 3 and SotN. They are starting with the earliest/popular Belmont. Which also includes fan favorite Alucard. I think this is a safe choice and if they finish Castlevania 3, they can open up to Simon Richter or even SotN!

These are my thoughts. Overall I take this season as a long pilot of things to come. My mentality is give it a chance without preconceved notions. If season 2 is the same, color me wrong, but i have faith season 2 will be so much better. Smile

Could work.

At the very least, it would be tough for it to be worse than several of the game plots and basically all of the comic book stuff.

Nintendo would probably never allow it, tho.

Tue Jul 11 17 07:11pm
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It'll be kinda like Doom the most Nintendo-like game Nintendo would never make.


I would conceptualize a Metroid show as something similar to some of the episodes we got out of Samurai Jack or Clone Wars 2003 (or to go back further, silent films): strong aesthetic focus, long stretches of time with no dialogue, most of the story told through visuals, few (or even no) non-hostile characters. Mostly consist of just Samus exploring environments, fighting aliens, righting wrongs, and getting out of places before they blow up.

Obviously though that goes against Nintendo's vision for the franchise, which is apparently tons of exposition in the form of long internal monologues, lots of chatty characters, and a bunch of inane philosophical digressions that ultimately say nothing.

Mostly consist of just Samus exploring environments, fighting aliens, righting wrongs, and getting out of places before they blow up.

So in other words:

It's also curious how these also got gradually weaker. More surprisingly not getting Batman, which has a similar background to Samus.

I do wonder if a stopmotion short like Street of Crocodiles will look using the Metroid imagery. Considering it has embraced spiritual sensibilities with the ruins and chanting they're also retconning into the first games.

"So in other words:"

I do not know what aspects of those works you are specifically referring to. Of them, I am only really familiar with the Animatrix, where the quality varies wildly between the parts due to each episode being handled by entirely different groups of people with differing levels of talent and no communication among anyone.

Idk if I would want Metroid or any game adaption to be in that sort of melting pot anthology format. We get enough weird stylistic differences in the games as they vacillate from Super's grounded spritework to Zero-Mission/Fusion's anime-nonsense to the realism of the Prime games to the weird plastic mishmash that was Other M to the chibi stuff in Federation Force or that prototype with cubist Samus.

Ideally, I would probably prefer something a bit more unified in an adaptation -- particularly if it were only 80 minutes total like Netflix Castlevania.

"I do wonder if a stopmotion short like Street of Crocodiles will look using the Metroid imagery."

Nintendo already does things that are like stopmotion shorts, like the Wooly Yoshi bits.




Not that it'll happen way before any Zelda series [as a series that is a better fit, is more well known, and has a solid IP identity], but it'd be really hard to do [basing it off the games at least], that I don't see Nintendo signing off on it [both a Mario AND Metroid comic series were turned down in recent years, after all].

Maybe it could be a short form series fleshing out her origins? Show off parts from her being raised by the Chozo to becoming a bounty hunter. Then wrap it up with her starting the mission from the first game.

A Metroid adaptation would be interesting, but I don't think it's something could be done properly.

I think people really need to reevaluate the definition of the word "mature".

IMO, this Castlevania series is fairly awful. And considering who is involved (Adi Shankar, Warren Ellis, etc.) I'm not the least bit surprised.

Do I want these people touching Metroid? No thanks. It gets tiresome enough hearing gamers talk about wanting a "Mature" Metroid. What does that even mean? Samus nude? Pointless cussing to be "edgy"? Enemies exploding in piles of gore instead of energy explosions? Metroid has always been dark and plenty "mature". It literally doesn't need to get any "darker" than it has already ever been.

And regardless, no, I do not want this clown to make Metroid "R Rated as F***".

Tue Jul 11 17 09:51pm
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I'd have to say that in many ways I agree with you. I'm just not a fan of a lot of Shankar's work. If it was up to me, I'd say no to letting this guy do an adaptation. I wouldn't go so far as saying I wouldn't give it a chance if it did happen, but if they are going to make a Metroid adaptation, I'd rather them go in a completely different direction.

Why not go big budget blockbuster sci-fi with Metroid? Seriously. Go big, get the most talented people, and just set out to make a good movie. What sets Metroid apart is the isolation, so I say work with that. Put all the focus on Samus and her development as a character and just tell a compelling story. But you know, mixed with awesome fights against aliens and shit.

I doubt they'd do it, but it would actually be very cool, from an artistic standpoint, if they made a Metroid film, as you say, that focused on her and her isolation, where she really didn't talk a whole lot. Kinda like the first half of Wall-E. A lot of people loved that movie, but thought the entire film should have had no dialogue, and I somewhat agree. I don't think Samus should have NO dialogue, but it would definitely make it feel more like the games if it was mostly dialogue free in large swaths. And it would make it more unique, instead of being your generic, one-liner spouting acting film.

Thu Jul 13 17 01:40am
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Exactly! You could have a big budget popcorn blockbuster that manages to stand out from the pack because it does things a little differently with its story and character.

Agreed that it probably won't happen, though.

I'm pretty impressed by the first episode. It's a bit like us style mature anime. I still think it would be smart to get a japanese studio. They do all sort of work for hire . but it's quite good anyway so why not metroid . Maybe they have their own plan for it though, unlike castlevania it's still having major installment and unlike annual franchises, well it's not annual

Well, the team did well with Castlevania, so they might as well complete the portmanteau. I wouldn't want a Metroid adaptation to be as violent as Castlevania, but the guys at Powerhouse definitely have the potential.

Please let Samus not only speak trash like Trevor Belmont does in the cartoon.

Wed Jul 12 17 01:41pm
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"Hey punk! Don't you know how to treat a lady? Let me teach you a lesson about subtlety!"


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