Pokemon Co. shares a mysterious YouTube video

The following translation comes from AwesomePahsome on Reddit...


Pokémon Mystery File


A world of Pokémon you don't know

Is this a time slip? Is it manipulating time? It came from the moon? Is it a space virus? Is this an encounter with aliens?


Thank you. With the power it has received from your Solrock it looks like it can return home... to the sky! Is this a UFO appearance? Is this an alien invasion?


The battle with the alien invader has begun! Is this the underside of this world? Is this a puzzle of ancient relics? Is this an attack from a parallel universe? Is it possessing humans?

Written in Unown

Is something happening?

Even with the description, all this is still confusing! Pokemon Co. disabled the comments on the video as well. Seems like they're being mysterious on purpose!

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Wed Jul 12 17 02:35pm
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"Pokemon Co. disabled the comments on the video as well. Seems like they're being mysterious on purpose!"

No, that's because they're a Japanese company (it's the Japanese YT account) and doing what 90% of Japanese companies do with their YT comments. It's nothing out of the ordinary.

As for the mystery file, it's gone on for a while now and is really just a silly YT series like the puppet show.

Kinda scary. It's like Pokemon got a touch of Mother but with even darker sounding music.

The Solrock/space/alien stuff is referencing the alien in the desert in Sun/Moon that flies back home when you show him Solrock or Lunatone.

So it's just a reference to that. Probably important to USM.


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