My Nintendo (North America) - rewards for July 13

The following are available for 50 Platinum Coins each...

- ARMS wallpaper PC & Mobile (Black)
- ARMS wallpaper PC & Mobile (Spring Man)
- ARMS wallpaper PC & Mobile (Min Min)

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cloud mario
Wed Jul 12 17 08:49pm
(Updated 1 time)

I just got the Min Min wallpaper. It is a lie. It is not the wallpaper of here eating noodles as it is shown.

Edit: Oh, it's just the 2560x1440 wallpaper that is different.

MinMin's 2560x1440 is the one that Japan and Europe got. Also the MinMin's 1080x1920 gives Ninjara xD

And now I can't even access my download page anymore! It says I have to purchase it a again. I mean I don't really care since I never use these points anyway, but this is mildly annoying.

Yeah I noticed this too xD

"You've already redeemed points for this reward once.
Redeem again?"

This is what I get for buying every wallpaper instead of letting my points expire.

Whoa, Nintendo is really stepping up their game this month! I love all the new additions for my cellular background, as well as the huge 30% price-cuts on all those NES games :D

(fyi, of course I'm being sarcastic. goddamn this shit sucks)

i want that twintelle wallpaper. hopefully it releases by end of summer

How could they have set out to improve upon Club Nintendo and make it so infinitely worse? I'm sure I can just download the wallpapers by googling them. In fact I can get better wallpapers by doing that. I just can't believe what a joke My Nintendo is. I don't even register my stuff anymore, because the points are just going to expire. Why make them expire when they give nothing good to spend the points on? I am hoping one day there will be at least one good reward and I can just register everything at once. As of now it's just get a wallpaper that should be free anyway, or 25% off a game that I already own, or don't want even with the discount. If it is going to be digital stuff, just give us the option of trading the points in for eshop credits so we can use them on something we actually want.

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