Puyo Puyo Tetris getting patch this August

Good to see SEGA is going to do something about the rage-quitters. Not sure they'll be able to squash them completely, but hopefully whatever they do will be enough to convince people to hang in there for the entire match.

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But what are they going to do about the blatant bias of the game's balance toward Puyo Puyo and against Tetris?

It ain't called "Tetriis Puyo Puyo."

That could be part of the balance adjustment.

In most levels of play, Puyo Puyo is definitely favored in the game's balance. But in really high levels of play, Tetris trumps Puyo Puyo. The best Tetris players will win against the best Puyo Puyo players.

Thank god they're addressing the rage quitting problem. It's really bad in the game with no penalty for doing so.


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