Splatoon 2 is taking rage-quitters pretty seriously

Think you're going to get away with rage-quitting match after match? Nintendo is watching, and they don't plan on letting you rage all you want. If you keep quitting matches to avoid losing, Nintendo is eventually going to catch up with you and bar you from online play for awhile. Take your loss like a man..or kid...or squid...or whatever!

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Sun Jul 16 17 03:52pm
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That's pretty unfair, when you know how unstable the Wi-Fi can be on the Switch!

That's the way it should be, not everyone can win all the time, nor do they need to win all the time. It's just a loss, woopididoo!

Sun Jul 16 17 03:52pm
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That's pretty unfair, when you know how unstable the Wi-Fi can be on the Switch!

Came in here to say just that it was bullshit how I was threatened to be banned because Nintendo's wifi signals on switch are shit. I got communication error after communication error and it's not just this but Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Arms as well. Yet I'm expected to pay $20 a year for this crap? Wii U and 3DS had MUCH better wifi signals/antennas as I NEVER had this problem on those.

Have you contacted Nintendo about your WiFi problems? What did they say?

I've had zero issues with my WiFi on my Switch, either at home, at work, or even when tethered to my phone.

Mon Jul 17 17 02:03am
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Many people have issues with WiFi on their Switch.
It may depend on your environment, the frequency on your router, the fact there are many wireless networks where you live and so on.
Just because your WiFi on your Switch works fine doesn't mean my Switch unit is a defective unit.

But it still means that it COULD be a defective unit.

Mon Jul 17 17 07:57pm
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That's pure and utter crap. If so, every third unit worldwide would be defective. My Switch I currently use is the second one, the first was replaced by Nintendo. Both units usually had 1 bar of WiFi Signal, the worst of any device I own. A few weeks back I received a new Router, after installing it, my Switch WiFi Signal went up to 2 bars. Since the new Switch Update it went up to 3 bars. Usually pending from 2-3 bars. I can download with full speed now and play without any lags

Connection Errors were always a problem with Nintendo devices, starting with the 3DS and Mario Kart 7 and Animal Crossing New Leaf. No matter how good your connection is, you will receive these Errors. And the main problem is simple, another Console is the host. Nintendos Online System is unique. As an example, the Mario Kart 8 Server is choosing a host, the connection for everyone playing in this session will be interrupted if this person has connection issuses. That's the system they use for Animal Crossing, Mario Kart and Splatoon.

Normally, a separate Server handles the whole matchmaking. If Nintendo will start their paid service, this should be the standard. But we all know Big N too well. If they could save money, nothing will change.

Sun Jul 16 17 03:57pm
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Perhaps Nintendo should not use such weak WiFi antennas before starting to accuse people of rage quitting.

Sun Jul 16 17 05:20pm
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And perhaps the community of Splatoon players on Wii U that let Nintendo know they were fed up with rage quitters also had something to say about it. Or did the Wii U also have bad antennas?

(My point is, both issues can co-exist. There are Switch owners with wi-fi problems, and Nintendo definitely needs to make it right with those customers, but as someone who put in hundreds of hours into the original game, I can assure you that rage quitters definitely exist, and they ruin the experience for everyone else.)

Sun Jul 16 17 04:05pm
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FIRST, fix your GODDAMNED Matchmaking issues and THEN start THINKING about punishing players for leaving matches!

Please. I got this message 3 times and never disconnected or ragequit. In fact, one of those times was when someone else ragequit (or at least I assume it was a ragequit as it cut off suddenly at the last second of the match).

I mean, it really annoyed me. Grow up, people. It's just a video game and this wasn't even something that had a record. There was literally no reason to ragequit.... And there's never a GOOD reason to ragequit.

The Switch wi fi has been flawless for me. Overall, I think it is good Nintendo are taking care of this. Too many online games are ruined by quitters. Now hopefully they will start punishing Squid Parties too.

Sun Jul 16 17 05:05pm
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Yeah, no big issues with wifi for me either (and that includes home-based and public wi-fi, as well as phone tethering.)

Glad they are punishing quitters. They deserve it. I do have some sympathy for those whose internet connection goes out on them, of course, but that's why you get warnings first.

(Those with wi-fi issues due to their Switch itself are in a different category altogether. Hopefully contacting customer service and setting up a repair/replacement gets that sorted out for those users.)

Sun Jul 16 17 04:41pm
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I don't know why people want quitters to be punished. Personally, it makes me feel proud of myself if I p!$$ someone off so much that they quit! 😄

I hate rage-quitters as much as cheaters. Stop ruining our fun if you can't play. But I, somewhere, also have to agree with you ;)

Unless the quitter is on your team. Or you are playing ranked (they eventually implemented scaling win/loss rank points in the original to not punish those on the quitter's team as badly, but it still amounts to a wasted match.)

And when the person that quits is on your team? :p

Its taking rage quitters AND people with bad connections seriously. Either way, nothing of value will be lost and only the weak will be culled!

This. If you have a consistently bad connection, you shouldn't be playing team-based online games in the first place.

(If your Switch itself has a wi-fi issue, that's a different story, but seeing that it doesn't affect everyone, hopefully those users can set-up a repair with Nintendo's customer service to get the issue sorted out.)

By this point people would be aware how bad the connections are. And throwing yourself on a wall over and over isn't going to magically fix that the next morning.

Those who truly desire online competitive play will ALWAYS find a solution, if it's that important to them. Others will just justify their complaints like they're the isolated and targeted victims of Nintendo's bullying.

Either way, Nintendo still shouldn't be excused for not making an effort in QA testing their WiFi capabilities of their new system.

Sun Jul 16 17 05:02pm
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Let's be damn honest here: this won't happen to people who get dropped due to high ping or bad connectivity. I've never had wifi issues on my switch, and I'm using a 3rd freaking world internet connection on a 12 year old cable modem.

Don't try to mask you being caught ragequitting with wifi issues. It won't float. Take your loss and move on.

Edit: buy a $2 usb to lan adapter. Ebay is your friend.

Lots of people complaining here about bad WiFi. Never had issues with it, myself. Then again, my Switch is used in the very room that has the router.

I know it's not a great suggestion, but maybe y'all should invest in WiFi range extenders. The kind you plug into the wall.
I know during the Wii years, back when I still lived with my family, I had to buy those just to be able to play online (they really wouldn't consider moving the modem to my room, despite always asking me to fix it if anything went wrong).

That said, I'm happy this system is in place. It's awful for those with bad WiFi, but at least there's a system in place to discourage rage-quitters/bad-signallers. Back in Splatoon 1, I lost way too many matches from someone poofing out in my team... Since I'm a charger-main, I kinda depend on my team to cover ground for me... Or at least distract the enemy team while I target them.

Sun Jul 16 17 06:48pm
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It's still inexcusable with how stingy and wimpy the Switch's wifi antenna is that they're this picky about rage quitters... Yeah, I get why they do that (Rage quitting IS a big issue) but I'd rather they fix the wifi issues for certain routers first.

And for the last time, it's not a case where we got bad units. I knew a guy on twitter who went through 8 switches at his local store, and all of them had atrocious wifi signals with his router. Nintendo shouldn't get a free pass for cheaping out on the wifi router compared to the 3DS/Wii U. (which get max bars in my upstairs bedroom at my home, while the Switch only has zero.) Heck, right now i'm in my vacation cabin for the summer and the Wifi is much better than it is at my home because of the size of the cabin, (meaning there's no walls to block the signal, like there is with multiple floors at my home) so it's not like my Switch can't connect to Wi-fi period. Nintendo just needs to get their act together and actually FIX the wifi issue instead of sending units that were shipped for repair right back because the system was made to only work with the wimpy antenna.

"And for the last time"... As if multiple people here were insinuating that.

It's not the Switch people are arguing for when they're for this treatment... It's against people's WiFi connections.

To be honest, I mainly said it because I'm used to being downvoted to no end on R/Nintendo for even suggesting that the Wi-fi issue is not because of an individual system, but rather due to shoddy build quality on all systems. I almost always get told "no mine is fine so yours must be broken" even though that's not the case

"No one would rage quit if they fixxed the matchmaking system, because I am paired with garbage and I am pretty much the next best thing to a gaming God!"

- Literally EVERY competitive game out there, always.

Mon Jul 17 17 12:36am
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I don't think I've seen a single obvious rage quit in 150+ hours of splatoon 1...

That is weird. I played 650 hours in multiplayer but never saw someone rage quitting. Most of the time people disconnected at the beginning of the match.

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