Fun Box bringing Vegas Party, Chicken Range to Switch

The game takes the player into the gambling-friendly universe of this over-the-top version of Las Vegas city.

Played as a race, the goal is to reach the end of the Strip before anyone else. Manage your token account in 10 gambling minigames, avoid the dangers like twisters and earthquakes, take advantage of your gaming skills and your good luck, trust no one and forget the meaning of the word "mercy" because it does not apply here!


• 4 Player Multiplayer.

• 10 Unique mini games.

• 17 incredible casinos.

• 18 original environments.

• Extreme humoristic cliches of Sin City.

• Nonstop action.

• Fun for the whole family!

Fun and Quirky shoot-em-up game.

The object of the game is to shoot the chickens using an array of different weaponry which you can also pay to upgrade. As you kill each chicken, a new chicken is respawned. Gameplay is set over a field twice as wide as the screen, so you must be constantly moving your aim side to side in order to reach the whole game field.

To increase the difficulty, the chickens throw eggs at the screen to obscure the player's field of view.

During the level, ammo crates drop at varying intervals which will refresh your ammo levels.

Carry up to 6 weapons with you; only a couple are provided for free, the remaining weapons will need to be bought from the Range Shop, where you can also purchase extra ammo packs.

The game contains 8 different levels. Each level introduces different baddie chickens with varying difficulties to kill them due to enhanced protection gear

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Hey SEGA, these guys can release physical copies, so why don't you do that for Sonic Mania? Thx.

I see we're on the cusp of a brave new wave of shovelware for a new generation of gamers.

I am a bit impressed that these games can get someone involved in their publishing, but a gem like Snake Pass cannot get the proper funding.

It baffles me to no end. Also; Those covers aren't doing any favors, either.

Holy hell, that's got to be the absolute worst box art I've ever seen, I could've done better than that whilst blindfolded

• Nonstop action.

• Fun for the whole family!

When you absolutely MUST reach the minimum amount of required bullet points.

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