GameFly lists Portal Knights: Gold Throne Edition for Switch

GameFly is usually spot-on with their listings, and today they seem to have let some new info slip on Portal Knights for Switch. According to their listing, the Gold Throne edition of the game will hit Switch. This version includes the following content.


• Gold Pioneer flag
• Welders Mask
• Gold Crystal Shard Throne
• Red and yellow Neon Blocks
• Gold Cat


• Black Pioneer flag
• Helicopter hat
• Rainbow cat
• Rainbow World Island

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Tags: eshop, switch


I've passed this up on the PS4, although I did get the demo and liked what I saw. But I'd been holding out on hoping it would come to the Switch. With how good Minecraft Switch edition is, and how well it takes the whole block world building on the go...Portal Knights for me could be another killer app for the Switch. :D

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