ARMS, Smash Bros. Wii U confirmed for EVO Japan

Good to see ARMS getting some major love. Also great to see Smash Bros. Wii U joining the action again. Let's hope the competitors bring some fierce play with them!

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Mon Jul 17 17 10:01am
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ARMS is considered a competitive game...? At the state it's in? (Where not all the characters/items have been added)

It was that way for Smash 4's first year.

Of course the meta has to evolve. Smash was the same, even early on when we didn't know if DLC characters past Mewtwo would be a thing.

If there weren't new characters, there would still be patches. Once the last patch is released, then the meta sort of solidifys. It's just fun evolving with the game though.

I guess so, but at least Smash had a complete game/roster for the first year, with the DLC stuff being more of a bonus than stuff that actually completed the game.

But yeah, I guess I can see your point about the game evolving over time with popularity. (As I hope Pokken will do with the DX version) It's just to me ATM Arms seems like a fast-paced multiplayer game that already had a major update to remove one of the ranked stages, which makes me think the meta hasn't even been established yet for that one. Hopefully it gets complete/balanced enough to be a mainstay though

What's better is that there's no melee scene in japan so i dont have to be board out of my mind watching a 15 year old game for two hours waiting for something better to come on stream

No one's forcing you to watch. Get over it.

Mon Jul 17 17 09:06pm
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Seems like you are the one who has to get over people not liking melee.

I mean I LOVED melee back in the day and I was bumbed out about losing wave dashing and other techs too but geez, Smash 4 is such a better game and you dont see the main event at evo as super turbo

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