BlazBlue director says fighting games can find a home on Switch, "stay tuned"

Coming from a RedBull interview with BlazBlue's principal director Toshimichi Mori...

"As far as announcements go, I unfortunately can't say much today, but what I will say is that with the introduction of fun competitive games like Arms, I do believe fighting games can definitely find a home on the Switch. Stay tuned!"

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-grabby hands- Gib dem 2 mi.

Seriously. A more traditional Fighter would be nice. I don't wanna touch USF2, I want something newer/more interesting.

If I have some extra money to spend one day I might get USF2, but I have played thr living daylights lut ofSF2 already, so would be mostly nostalgia.

So I agree with you.

But funny how Nintendo made this successful game and now duddenly people are thinking about porting fighting games... ;)

Mon Jul 17 17 10:01am
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USF2 is probably there for those diehard fans. Switch feels very nostalgic and this only serves to inflate that feeling.

Newer traditional fighters are generally welcome. NeoGeo can have the rest of the nostalgia Capcom can't get.

Mon Jul 17 17 07:19am
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Do you guys think he went shopping at Ford's Florist?

Hell yeah. Bring it on.

Mon Jul 17 17 09:37am
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Yet another 3rd party "wait and see". By the time they're done "seeing" the Switch will be dead due to no games.

While I agree that we should be excited about games that are actually announced, I think his comment made pretty clear that something is im the works, so no reason to be that negative.

A blazblue game has already been confirmed. It's in the very first switch infographic. It's more then likely the game they just announced yesterday. So yea of course he can't say anything yet.

Didn't they already say that "a game in the BlazBlue series" was coming to Switch? Sounds like that would be the game that was just announced to me. Unless it's gonna be another BlayzBloo game.

Only semi-related but IMO Nintendo needs to introduce some d-pad joycons for fighting games and 2D platformers. Pro Controller is great but using it on the go is not really feasible, and they're both genres that I'd say benefit from "switching". I know a lot of people don't mind the four buttons but for some genres I think they're far from ideal, so having the option would be perfect.

If it's one of those BlayzBloo shovelware games again then it'll feel more like a kick in the teeth than anything else. BlazBlue CS II was THE game I spent the most time with on 3DS in the summer of 2011, so I think it's fair to at least hope the BB game coming to switch is the tag game or CF Extend so that others can get into the series like CS II did for me

As much as I like Team Reds Guilty Gear, I hope Team Blue can at least bring BlazBlue to Switch. I always liked that series more

Fingers crossed for the Blazblue crossover game then.

Wasn't expecting RWBY at all. Mainly because it's made in the US.

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