3Souls dev blog - Changing the camera mechanics on the future update

The new feature announced last week will not be the only change on the game after the big update coming with the 2 new episodes. We will also change the camera position during the whole game.

Before, the camera followed the player all the time, and his position would be always the center of the screen. This sometimes bring to some problems when the player is on the limits of the stage, making half of the screen with info that they dont need and the other half missing important info like for example platforms.

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Tags: eshop, wii-u, switch


I'm glad they're following through on their promise of free content; I just hope they don't lose money on the entire project. The speed with which Nintendo stopped supporting Wii U and focused on Switch, while completely understandable, must have had unfortunate consequences for those indie developers who wanted to support Wii U but found themselves without enough time to finish their projects before the console effectively died.

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