The latest Pokemon movie has a really surprising moment with Pikachu

I don't like to title posts ambiguously, but this time we're diving into some big spoiler territory. If you don't mind having a moment in the latest Pokemon movie spoiled, continue reading on!

Pokémon: I Choose You! has a moment where Ash jumps in to block Pikachu from an attack, which ends up killing him. No worries, as he's brought back to life shortly thereafter. The real interesting moment comes from when Ash is in some sort of limbo after getting attacked. He tries to run towards Pikachu, but can't get there. As Ash is trapped in this limbo, Pikachu turns to Ash and tells him, “I want to be with you forever.”

Yep, Pikachu actually speaks to Ash with something other than his usual "Pika" rants. I'd say that qualifies as a pretty big moment, don't you think?!

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Can we bring back that campaign to have Danny DeVito voice him?

The English dub better have the deepest voice they can find to do it!

Can we bring back that campaign to have Danny DeVito voice him?

Danny devito doesn't even know what a pokemon is lol

This matters not.

20 characters.

My vote is for Gilbert Gotfried.

You, sir, are an evil genius.

I would be very happy with either of these choices, now that I think about it! haha

I vote for Sir Patrick Stewart.

So that's how Ash is still 10!

So that's why Team Rocket wants to catch Ash's Pikachu!

That Pikachu makes anyone to live forever, or something else...

Mon Jul 17 17 03:21pm
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Wow, that sounds incredibly corny.

Mon Jul 17 17 04:06pm
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Cornier than Ash taking psychic blasts that turn him to stone (somehow) and being revived by the tears of Pokemon and that stops the villain (somehow) and wow my brain is hurting now...?

(I was going to continue describing the ending to The First Movie in greater detail but thinking back I can't process how dumb the ending is now. I remember being really moved by it as a kid too!)

My ex had never seen Pokémon The First Movie, so I watched it with her (a good 12 or so years after it originally released) and she bawled her eyes out at that part!

Yeah, I teared up too back then. I'm a cynical guy but I'm also easy to move. More so as a kid.

But looking back it just reeks of that Mary Sue kind of storytelling. "Only through the pure, all-loving main character's sacrifice does the villain see the error of his ways". That and like most of the internet Ash Ketchum has kind of soured on me of late- but that's hardly the point. Or maybe it's exactly the point. They kind of deify him sometimes as a paragon and it just doesn't sit well anymore.

I wonder how they'll handle this in other language dubs. Will they try to get Ikue Ōtani to say the line in English, French, etc., or just get a random VA to do it?


I hope Danny DeVito doesn't the English version

In the English version, Pikachu says "When you see me again, it won't be me."

"The gum you like is going to come back in style."

"Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song and there's always music in the air."

I was hoping this movie was going to be more like Origins or Generations but it sounds like more of the same.

Brought back to life? Or perhaps sent to another limbo in which he is destined to remain 10 years and travel the Pokemon in a logic defying adventure with Pikachu...FOREVER.

"Ash jumps in to block... an attack, which ends up killing him."


"No worries, as he's brought back to life shortly thereafter."


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