Random Time! - Glitched Zelda: Breath of the Wild weapon has max attack value (UPDATE)

UPDATE 2 - This has been confirmed to be faked. Source.

UPDATE - This video may actually be a hack instead of a glitch. We're looking into it.

One lucky Reddit user had a glitch pop up after he beat a Lynel. The game froze, so he restarted, and was presented with this glitched weapon. That's the max value for a weapon, and it'll take out anything in one hit. Now if only someone could find out how to replicate this glitch!

Want some proof of how powerful the glitched Savage Lynel Sword is? You can check out it one-shotting the final boss right here.


Mon Jul 17 17 06:18pm
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At least the weapon description matches the insanely high attack lol

Mon Jul 17 17 06:21pm
(Updated 1 time)


Oooohhhh! Finally a glitch in the game worth talking about! If we could replicate it before a patch, then that would be insane!

Max unsigned short I guess.

Mon Jul 17 17 11:46pm
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You can clearly see that Link is wearing the Fierce Deity tunic in that picture and towards the end of the video. I smell trickery.

If this is Wii U then it's easy. There's a save editor that allows you to edit the stats on weapons.


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