Enjoy new ways to play 1-2-Switch this summer

Summer is here so it’s the perfect time to get out and about with your friends and family. Thanks to the portability of Nintendo Switch you can take your console gaming experience on the go – and one game perfect for gatherings has to be 1-2-Switch!

There are 27 fun ways to face off, but people have been finding new and ingenious ways to mix it up a bit with many of the included games. Let’s take a look at a couple of twists you can try this summer that should add a new dimension to the excitement.

Build a Tower of Cups!


Two or more

Required props

A few paper cups

How to Play

1. Split yourselves into two teams, and then use Shuffle mode to choose a game and play it.

2. The losing team places a paper cup on the table, facing down.

3. Use Shuffle mode to play another game. The losing team then has to place a paper cup on top of the first one, but this time facing up.

4. Repeat and keep stacking the cups until someone knocks the tower down. The other team will then be declared the winners!

This is a fun way to play, with the real world challenge of stacking cups adding an extra dimension. Now you have to keep an eye on your opponent and the cups! Of course, you don’t have to use Shuffle mode – you could also get the losing team to pick the next game.

Just make sure the paper cups don’t fall over while you’re playing. It might be best to play indoors to avoid sudden gusts of wind, but then again that could just add to the challenge! Of course, if you don’t have paper cups you could always do the same with a house of cards.

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That's awesome. Say what you like about this, but I love playing it with my little boy. We treat it like a board game in our house.

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