Ubisoft says they're announcing more Switch games "quite soon"

During a Ubisoft conference call, the company revealed that they'll be announcing more Switch games "quite soon". The wording would seem to indicate that we're talking about new games, and not more information on games we already know about. I'm really crossing my fingers for a South Park: The Fractured But Whole port, but anything new is good to me!

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Cool. I hope it something that isn't another dancing game.

Tue Jul 18 17 03:55pm
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"A Brand New IP Exclusive to Nintendo Switch....."



Tue Jul 18 17 04:14pm
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And surely with no horrible Hatsune Miku songs on sight, right?... RIGHT?

Tue Jul 18 17 03:54pm
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Better be South Park, Nintendo fans love that kind of RPG style.

Yeah, I'd love to get The Fractured But Whole for Switch (especially that Collector's Edition). ^^ Here's hoping.

Tue Jul 18 17 04:32pm
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Not a popular request but I'd be down with Assassin Creed Origins on the go. Lesser visuals for a competent, fully featured port.

and once again nintendo fans who have been following the series on other consoles (because the wii could not handle them) will buy the better version (because it makes sense) and Ubi will start moaning again.

Same story again and again...

Can't speak for other people, but I would get a Switch version if available. Never had any interest in the series until 3 and that was one of the most hated in the series. Go figure. I played the Wii U ports offTV for the majority of the games so a Switch version would be even better. I have a PS4 but I don't want wait for installs and updates and clear out space just to play it. If it doesn't happen, so be it. My money goes elsewhere.

Wed Jul 19 17 10:44am
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Same. I'd get it on Switch to have the ability to play it on the go, but if it doesn't come, I don't know if I'll be getting it on any system.

I bought both AC Black Flag and the follow up on the Wii U...not PS3 or PS4 or any other system they were on...and they both played excellently...and looked pretty darn good too. I don't really see any reason the Switch couldn't handle a slightly downgraded (visually) game that played completely the same when it comes to Origins. And being able to undock and play it on the go...or in the bed...or wherever? Heck yes I'd pick that version up over one for my PS4. In a heartbeat.

I don't mean ALL nintendo fans will buy AC elsewhere...it will definitely sell a few tens of thousands.

if Ubi are ok with that number then so be it. But since money does not grow on trees, I want the proper experience with all DLCs (and cheaper) on the console that was initially created.

and its like someone tries to jump at disgaea 5 without having played the earlier games...oh wait!

Tue Jul 18 17 05:15pm
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They published No More Heroes, right? a remake of those on Switch would be pretty great.

looking at their dreadful lineup, I would rather have a remake of rocket robot on wheels more than anything else...

the developer is owned by sony though so...

Has anyone played Grow Up before? That games of theirs would be excellent for the Switch.

What I want it to be: South Park: The Fractured But Whole

What it will be: Just Dance 2019 or a Petz/Nintendogs crossover.

Tue Jul 18 17 08:41pm
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I would love if it is the South Park games....hack, even both of them would be sweet. Smile I'd get them both on the Switch.

Let me guess...

A port of Rayman 2?

Please let one of these games be South Park.

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