Rough estimates put Splatoon 2 sales in Japan at 500k for the first week

How big will Splatoon 2 be at launch in Japan? We'll find out later this week. Until then, we have data like this to go on. Considering how the Switch is in over a million homes in Japan, seeing Splatoon 2 fill up half those homes in one week would be pretty insane.

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Awesome! Hope the numbers stick and that the game does well in other markets too!

Nintendo Domination, DQ around corner, Monster Hunter XX too
it is looking epic ;p

Mon Jul 24 17 05:59pm
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And eventually Pokemon for Switch. Now THAT is going to kick some serious donkey in sales.

no 500k is way too much...; I think I know splatoon 1 is the only million seller (ps4 wii u)but with that stock it doesn't seem possible. Also some will prefer the digital release. I should have taken that way lol

Wed Jul 26 17 01:00am
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Internet said:
no 500k is way too much

500k might've been a conservative number, actually...

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