Switch releasing in Argentina on Aug. 15th

- sales are through the existing regional distributor
- will come with region-appropriate power supply
- 13,500 pesos
- preorders open July 28th
- preorders also get 50% off one of BotW, MK8DX, 1-2 Switch, Ultra Street Fighter 2 or Splatoon 2
- due out Aug. 15th

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Just about 1,000 USD! Always with the same excuse... taxes and other costs. Then they stop selling because nobody can afford to buy it... of course ¬¬ #sameasWiiU

What else could you buy in Argentina for this amount of pesos? I'm trying to get a feel for what kind of product range this is priced in.

Well, if we stay on the market, 1.25 PlayStation 4s.

If we go out of it... It's around 1.5 months of rent where I live. A 43-in Full HD can go for 1000 pesos less than this right now.

In the US, one can get a pretty good 43" tv for $279, and the switch is $299. So maybe it isn't that bad of a price?

How many pesos would something like a bottle of water cost per chance?

I mean 1 dollar is supposed to be 18 pesos so the Switch should technically be 5400. Even with import taxes and international shipping it would be around 8500-9000 pesos. 13500 is 50% more than that. It's insane.

A 600ml bottle of water can go for 15-20 pesos depending on where you buy it. Around a dollar. Problem is, that is today's price. In a couple weeks it might not be that, as inflation is a very real issue here. Less real than it was a year ago and before that, but still very real.


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