GoNintendo Video Review - Hey! Pikmin


- Feels exactly like a main entry in the Pikmin franchise
- Simple, responsive controls
- Plenty to do, see, and collect
- Fantastic soundtrack
- Pikmin atmosphere is spot-on


- graphics are nice, if not ho-hum
- some might feel limited by only having 20 Pikmin per level

Final Word

Hey! Pikmin might be a spin-off in the eyes of most, but it is well worth your time. If you're a Pikmin fan, even just a tiny bit, you should certainly check this game out. The mechanics of collecting Pikmin, exploring, and solving puzzles are all retained here, albeit with a different perspective. The overall scale has been dialed back a bit, but what you get here is definitely Pikmin. Most importantly, the vibe of the entire Pikmin franchise is very present here. Outside of some lackluster graphics, Hey! Pikmin is a fantastic package. As the first portable outing for the franchise, the experience is an undeniable success.

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Sounds good! I love pikmin and am going in open minded for something new.

Cool! I'll definitely go check the game out...oh wait... I forgot that I have the demo...which I still haven't played.

"Feels exactly like a main entry in the Pikmin franchise"
What's with the lie? This feels nothing like a Pikmin game.

I like the bullet points added to the video review.

I didn't like the demo and have to disagree it feels Pikmin-like. It's as similar to Pikmin as Ziplash was to Chibi Robo.

I love the voice reviews. Will be getting this game for sure

This game appears to be middling at best. As others have mentioned, it most certainly does not feel exactly like a main entry in the pikmin franchise. That's not even a subjective statement, it's outright misleading.

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