Japan - More info on Splatoon 2's first week of sales

- between July 17 and July 23, there was a 251.55 percent increase at a total software sales in Japan
- 987,000 units of software were sold altogether
- Switch sold 100k units, making for the second best week yet
- Splatoon 2 sold 648,000 copies, selling over four times that of the first Splatoon
- Splatoon 2 more than doubled the amount of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (285,000 copies in its first week)
- Splatoon 2's attach rate is 54.14 percent, which is even higher than Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’s 36.64 percent
- sold through 65% of its initial shipment

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But does this include digital?

Sat Jul 29 17 08:47pm
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If we go by the "initial shipment", I think it means physical copies

Unless they say otherwise, Media Create and Famitsu only state sell through of physical titles. Sometimes they asterisk a title and put a note letting you know it includes digital sales. But for the most part, they don't know unless Nintendo lets them have the information.

So the game could have sold even more than listed here?

Great sales anyway, though. The Fresh IP (yeah, yeah. Sue me) turned into it's own thing pretty fast and that alone seems to sell some copies. I really love the approach Nintendo is doing with younger talent now (I'm hooked on ARMS these days. What will bappen when I get Spl2n, I don't know). And it's, in some ways, more addictive and strategic than shooters I have played before.

Anyway, I just hope they keep this trend going on.

And thanks for the info!

This is just awesome. It's a mega hit.

If you want to be super fresh, you need to find a Switch and buy Splatoon 2. All the cool Squids are doing it!


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