Switch firmware update 3.0.1 now available (battery indicator fix)

Improvements Included in Version 3.0.1
General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience, including:

- Addressed an issue in which the remaining battery charge can't be displayed accurately
- If the system's battery power display suddenly increases or decreases, it will gradually improve by following these steps.

Thanks to T27Duck for the heads up!

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Battery STABILITY!!! (doesn't sound right)

Finally the battery is stabilized

The 'gradual improve' titbit is odd, surely this is a mere display bug [aka a simple fix]?

My Switch does constantly suffer with this, though, so if it helps...!

The battery indicator calculates the remaining percentage based on previous statistics, so there's the possibility that the update won't fix the issue right away for some. The battery indicator might have to be recalibrated in that case, and that's what those steps are for.
Either way, I'm glad Nintendo has fixed this issue :D

Mon Jul 31 17 08:54pm
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Those steps are quite convoluted and it seems that you need to repeat them to get the indicator fixed if you still have the issue. Hopefully this will sort it out for everyone without needing to do those steps.

Trying not to get too hyped, but maybe...JUST MAYBE they snuck in an snes/n64 emulator like they snuck in the nes one

Not likely before the end of next year I'd say [AKA with SNES Mini this year and N64 Mini next year].

Mon Jul 31 17 10:04pm
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My console stays at 1% for like 1/3 of the battery life but I don't know if I wanna do step five 2-6 times.. that's got screen burn-in written all over it.

Also hesitant to do this because I read a post on Reddit saying depleting the battery under 50% is bad for it, but I also read you can use and abuse lithium ion batteries because that's what they were designed for

Patch notes! They're finally doing patch notes!

Stability is dead. Long live stability.

thanks for the explanations

Changes have been made to make for a more pleasant battery experience

I wonder what formware 4 will be all about.

I have no idea if I had this problem or not since I rarely olay in handhrld mode anyway. Guess I'm ready to go now, eh? ;)

I've had to do this phones before in the past (recalibrate the battery by letting it die and fully charge multiple times.)


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