Capcom IR - regional sales Ultra Street Fighter II, ''evaluating'' Switch with Monster Hunter XX

The following snippets come from the Capcom IR's questions and answers session...

Q. What were the regional unit sales for Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers? (Ultra Street Fighter II, below)
A. 100 thousand units in Japan, and a combined 350 thousand units in Europe and North America.

Q. Following the sales results of Ultra Street Fighter II, what will Capcom’s approach to the Nintendo Switch be going forward?
A. The Nintendo Switch seems to be doing very well, and we look forward to further growth in its install base. Beginning with Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) Nintendo Switch Ver. for Japan, we are evaluating how we will support this platform in the future

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Oh capcom. You're run by morons in suits

Thu Aug 03 17 08:39am
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Why do they always have to evaluate how to support a Nintendo console no matter how well it's doing? They support the other two without question no matter how poorly they're selling.

Are they so far up the butts of Sony and Microsoft due to their money hatting of games that they will openly make hypocrites of themselves just to keep the gravy train rolling?

Thu Aug 03 17 08:11pm
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Believe me, they will surely not working for Sony for free. Money talks, and of course a Publisher like Capcom, who is controlled by Investors (the same Investors trying to dump the whole company a few years ago because they lost fate in them). Sony paid money for the whole Monster Hunter World reveal. They are partly producing the game and it was their wish to create a whole bunch of buzz for the game during and after the E3. Also, it is not stated the game will ever see a relase for the Xbox One as far as I know, from a technical standpoint, it is possible the game will see a release on Xbox One and PC too.

On the other hand, it seems like Nintendo isn't going to create an exclusive deal with Capcom. So Capcom will support the console with a few ports in the small budget range. Street Fighter was a surprise success for them because it seems like they haven't planned with the Switch at all before they knew the sales.

Anyway. Don't expect too much support from Capcom as long as Nintendo isn't going to make an exclusive deal with them. It's all about the Benjamins.

I really dislike Sony and Microsoft for introducing these practices into the industry.

Seriously, Caocom? If you haven't noticed, the Switch is NOT the Wii U2. It's selling pretty darn well and you should be supporting it yesterday not maybe tomorrow. Don't be EA!

Silly Capcom.

Nintendo: Everyone Else's Sales Guinea Pig.

Thu Aug 03 17 02:44pm
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Goalpost moving much? This is what they said about USF2 unless they are doing it by genre.

The Switch was created primarily for Nintendo's first party games, but if we're being honest it was built for Monster Hunter as a close second.

Beginning with Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) Nintendo Switch Ver. for Japan, we are evaluating how we will support this platform in the fu-

Gonna have to stop you there, bud. That's the exact fucking thing you said about Ultra Street Fighter II and I remember you all being surprised at how well it sold. Enough "evaluations," bring your multi-platform games as well as maybe an exclusive or two to the Switch. Exclusives that aren't just a worse version of a game on other consoles (see MH XX vs. MH World). Do this for making us have to put up with these "tests" like we're your lab rats and maybe we'll start respecting you more. Stop. Moving. Goalposts.

wouldn't it make more sense to evaluate the switch with a game that is actually releasing in the west, tho?

Okay cool, you got sales, get on with your next published game for the Switch.

No seriously, publish something else, we're waiting now.

MHXX is an assured hit unless people in Japan are getting sick of the series so it should be fine, honestly.


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