This week's European downloads - August 3 (RCR DX, Slime-san, Use Your Words and more)

Nintendo eShop (Switch)

Retro City Rampage DX (Vblank) - €14.99/£12.99

Retro City Rampage reimagines the open world crime genre like it's 1989. Jump on civilians for coins -- then steal their car and outrun the law! Explore the city and complete missions, or just go on a rampage with your weapons, power-ups and vehicles! This pop culture send-up includes a full Story Mode of open world adventure, plus Arcade Challenges for quick pick-up-and-play action. If that's not enough, it also packs an interactive city full of shops, minigames, customizations, collectibles, special guest stars, and more.

Slime-san (Fabraz) - €11.99/£10.00
Slime-san was minding his own business, sliming around in a peaceful forest when suddenly… A giant worm appeared and gobbled him up! Now deep within the worm’s belly, Slime-san has to face a decision: Be digested by the incoming wall of stomach acid... Or jump, slide and slime his way through the worms intestines and back out its mouth!

GUNBARICH for Nintendo Switch (Zerodiv) - €6.99/£5.99
Gunbarich launched in arcade version in 2001. It is a new game with elements of puzzle and shooting in the late works of Japanese brand "Psikyo". In Japan's amusement arcade, there is always one popular game.

STRIKERS1945 for Nintendo Switch (Zerodiv) - €6.99/£5.99
A revolution broke out in the shooting game in 1995. The Japanese brand "Psikyo" introduced an new enemy's attack "Spread bullets" not shooting before then, and the history of a new shooting game began.

If you are a shooting fan, "Psikyo shooting" that anyone knows is revived! Shoot!

"AERO FIGHTERS 2" is a vertical-scrolling shoot 'em up released in 1994 by VIDEO SYSTEM.

A variety of unique pilots, including a pop singer and an aviation ninja, take place in dog fights at the speed of sound to save the world. Enjoy a story mode packed with multiple endings.

Puzzle Adventure Blockle (Intense) - €6.29/£5.99
Rotate the world to find a path to the goal in this rotating puzzle game! Go on an adventure to the mysterious Wonder Labyrinth with Kulu, just a regular Kat trying to find his way and the beautiful Arika who has lost her memory! Rotate the world, avoid obstacles, climb steps, and make use of various features to clear each stage. The journey to Wonder Labyrinth will take you through many various worlds with changing environments such as the Icicle Palace and Flame Mountain. Visit each of the worlds with their own features and obstacles and overcome the challenges of each one as you strive to obtain each of the 7 world stones.

Use Your Words (Smiling Buddha Games) - €13.09/£11.79
Grab a few friends and get ready to laugh. Use Your Words is the party game for funny people and their unfunny friends! Use Your Words is a game that invites players to respond to a variety of mini-games and prompts with the funniest answers they can think of! Players play using their phones and tablets as controllers, making game-play seamless and quick to pick up. Players who get stumped can use one of the hidden "House Answers" to lay a trap for their fellow players once it's time for everyone to vote for their favourite. Whether you're a total novice or a world-famous comedian, we guarantee hours of non-stop hilarity. So, grab a few friends and get ready to laugh along with Use Your Words!

Blaster Master Zero - EX CHARACTER: SHOVEL KNIGHT (Inti Creates, DLC) - €1.99/£1.79 (Free until August 17)

Special offers

I am Setsuna (Square Enix Europe LTD) - €26.79/£20.09 (Ends August 10, normally €39.99/£29.99)
TumbleSeed (aeiowu) - €9.37/£8.03 (Ends August 17, normally €13.99/£11.99)

Nintendo eShop (Wii U)

Flight of Light (Crystalline Green) - €8.00/£7.00

Fly through fantastical forests in-time to the funky beat. Cruise round coral reefs to the sounds of chilled out tunes. Race past asteroid colonies powered by electronic music! Flight of Light is a rhythm game that cuts its own path through exotic, otherworldly landscapes. Leave a trail of stars and stream of colours in your wake as you collect points and speed boosts by moving in-time to the music.

Air Zonk (KONAMI, TG-16 VC) - €5.99/£5.39
Air Zonk is a spin-off of the popular Bonk series. This side-scrolling shooter retains the same cartoonish style of Bonk, but is set in a cyberpunk-esque future. The powered-up Zonk gathers his friends to form "Team Cool" and they set out to stop King Drool in his plan to conquer the world. Choose from 3 levels of difficulty and 3 types of Friend Modes. Shoot King Drool's cyber robots and avoid their fire while collecting the Air Bones to unleash a variety of attacks. Enjoy unique moves like combining with a friend to create an invincible hybrid form or blasting enemies with a charged attack! If you own this title on your Wii, perform a system transfer from your Wii to your Wii U to receive a special upgrade price.

BONK III Bonk's Big Adventure (KONAMI, TG-16 VC) - €5.99/£5.39
The hard-headed hero is back for more side-scrolling action in the third instalment of the popular Bonk series. It’s up to Bonk once again to thwart the plans of the relentless, evil King Drool. There are 7 Rounds scattered throughout The Dinosaur Kingdom, each one filled with fun contraptions and comical enemies. Grab a Flower Copter or exchange 16 Smileys at the end of each Round to play up to 8 different Bonus Stages. You can change the size of Bonk by grabbing the new red or blue Candy items. Depending on the situation, you can change your size to bonk your way through a dead-end or to get a hard-to-reach item. If you own this title on your Wii, perform a system transfer from your Wii to your Wii U to receive a special upgrade price.

Special offers
Double Breakout II (nuGAME) - €4.90/£4.20 (Ends August 31, normally €7.00/£6.00)
Double Breakout (nuGAME) - €4.90/£4.20 (Ends August 31, normally €7.00/£6.00)
Triple Breakout (nuGAME) - €3.49/£3.49 (Ends August 31, normally €4.99/£4.99)
STEEL LORDS (nuGAME) - €7.49/£5.49 (Ends August 31, normally €14.99/£10.99)
Absolutely Unstoppable MineRun (Yappa Pie) - €1.97/£1.59 (Ends August 17, normally €3.59/£2.99)
Art of Balance (Shin'en Multimedia) - €6.70/£5.35 (Ends August 24, normally €8.99/£7.15)
Grand Prix Rock 'N Racing (EnjoyUp Games) - €2.95/£2.66 (Ends August 31, normally €7.99/£7.19)
PixelMaker (Nostatic Software) - €3.36/£2.99 (Ends August 10, normally €4.49/£3.99)
Twin Robots (Ratalaika Games) - €3.34/£3.00 (Ends August 10, normally €4.99/£4.49)

Nintendo eShop (3DS)

Blaster Master Zero - EX CHARACTER: SHOVEL KNIGHT (Inti Creates, Add-on Content) - €1.99/£1.79 (Free until August 17)

Special offers

Double Breakout (nuGAME, New 3DS only) - €4.90/£4.20 (Ends August 31, normally €7.00/£6.00)
Triple Breakout (nuGAME, New 3DS only) - €4.90/£4.20 (Ends August 31, normally €7.00/£6.00)
Aqua Moto Racing 3D (Zordix AB) - €5.99/£5.39 (Ends August 10, normally €7.99/£7.19)
Brave Dungeon (INSIDE SYSTEM) - €3.99/£3.59 (Ends August 17, normally €4.99/£4.49)
Crollors Game Pack (Nvriezen) - €0.99/£0.93 (Ends September 2, normally €1.49/£1.39)
PixelMaker (Nostatic Software) - €3.36/£2.99 (Ends August 10, normally €4.49/£3.99)
Power Disc Slam (Chequered Cow Games) - €1.64/£1.49 (Ends August 17, normally €5.49/£4.99)

Nintendo 3DS Theme Shop
The following themes will be available on August 4.

Ghost Rule (DWANGO) - €1.99/£1.79
A massive Hatsune Miku hit with over four million views on Niconico now appears on Nintendo 3DS!

Delusion Tax (DWANGO) - €1.99/£1.79
"Let's start the Delusion Tax!" This Nintendo 3DS theme features a super cool track performed by Hatsune Miku!

39 (DWANGO) - €1.99/£1.79
An anniversary song celebrating the birthday of Hatsune Miku has now become a Nintendo 3DS theme.

Hello, Planet. (DWANGO) - €1.99/£1.79
"Look after yourself and those who you love." A charming song from Hatsune Miku now appears on Nintendo 3DS!

All I Need Are Things I Like (DWANGO) - €1.99/£1.79
A Hatsune Miku track with a unique and catchy rhythm is now a Nintendo 3DS theme.

39 Music! (DWANGO) - €1.99/£1.79
You can dress up your Nintendo 3DS system in a high-octane Hatsune Miku song, then sing and dance your troubles away!

Hello Kitty with flowers (Sanrio) - €0.99/£0.89
Hello Kitty is happy amidst beautiful flowers

Hello Kitty is really cute (Sanrio) - €0.99/£0.89
Hello Kitty is surrounded by cute things

Nunzy at the seaside (Animundi) - €0.99/£0.89

Nunzy likes very much to eat ice-cream on the beach.

Jurassic Cubs at the seaside (Animundi) - €0.99/£0.89

Jurassic Cubs and Nichus  on the beach with…  a crocodile.

Baby Jurassic Cubs on the beach (Animundi) - €1.49/£1.39
Baby Jurassic Cubs play on the beach. Scroll the touch-screen.

Jurassic Cubs 3pack Number 8 (Animundi) - €2.49/£2.29
Three fantastic Jurassic Cubs'  themes

Rose's fairytale bedroom (Rainbow) - €0.99/£0.89
Here is Rose in her bedroom, full of fairytale shoes!

Astoria's fairytale bedroom (Rainbow) - €0.99/£0.89
Fairytale books and a pinch of magic… here's Astoria in her bedroom!

Meeting at LeFrog Castle (Rainbow) - €0.99/£0.89

See you at LeFrog Castle, with Joy and Grandpa LeFrog!

Maggie and Bianca super fashion (Rainbow) - €0.99/£0.89

Maggie and Bianca are ready for summertime with their super fashion looks!

Bianca and Quinn (Rainbow) - €0.99/£0.89
Bianca and Quinn are so sweet and GO.ZY. together!

A super GO.ZY. Bedroom (Rainbow) - €0.99/£0.89
Maggie and Bianca's room is always full of friends and funny moments altogether!

Bloom, Stella and Flora Tropical Style (Rainbow) - €0.99/£0.89
Bloom, Stella and Flora are ready for the summer with their Tropical Style!


I would love to see Nintendo release more SNES VC titles for the 3DS. I want Kirby's Dreamland 3 and Super Mario RPG, which are probably being held back because of their special on board chips, but anyway!

once again, no real sale..

and this is getting ridiculous, the art of balance sale on PS4 is FAR greater than the 25% shin'en always do on nintendo platforms. please do not moan when you do not sell on nintendo consoles thanks.


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