Hyperkin working on the Supa RetroN HD, a SNES clone

- 720p output via HDMI as well as composite AV
- toggle between 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios
- region switch for playing carts from all over the world
- has a wide slot so it can accept all North American and PAL SNES games, as well as Super Famicom titles
- two controller ports
- ships with least one of Hyperkin's redesigned controllers, modeled after the SNES controller
- no word on release date or price at this time

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Interesting. Depending on price I might get it

Fri Aug 04 17 11:17pm
(Updated 1 time)

I'm sick of all these HD SNES/NES clones that don't even read the carts directly.(They just dump the ROM and suffer from compatibility issues.) I just want one that uses the actual hardware, or better yet have them make other system repros like the Turbografx and NeoGeo Pocket Color instead of the thousandth NES clone. The Gameboy Phone thing was the coolest thing that anyone has made in a while, so more clever stuff like that please.

Though, the Game Boy one also just dumps the ROM and emulates...

How is this different from the Retron 5 that takes all the various Nintendo/Sega carts?

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