Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon - New Lycanroc form shown

It's been confirmed that a new form of Lycanroc appears in the world of Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon—Dusk Form. The colors of Dusk Form Lycanroc's body and eyes differ from those of previously discovered Lycanroc, Midday Form and Midnight Form.

You can't get Dusk Form Lycanroc on your team by ordinary methods, such as discovering the mysterious Pokémon in the wild.

So check back soon for news on how you can get Dusk Form Lycanroc, along with more details on the upcoming Pokémon Ultra Sun and Pokémon Ultra Moon games.

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Pokemon Sun/Moon are the most successful Pokemon games ever... and the ones which made me say "no more Pokemon for me". US/UM and this reveal don't help much into giving it another chance.

Not sure how XY or ORAS didnt make you quit, but SM did.

It was the new direction they were going, or that I grew over the series in general. Yes, I'm that old :/

Well this direction (hand holding, more accessible to kids, less focus on post-game )has been happening since XY so its just odd to me that you just noticed it with SM. SM at least can get tough without using the EXP share and the story is actually good (well for a pokemon game) unlike XY.

I have been following the games since Pokemon Yellow and I feel like the series as gotten better in many ways, but the negatives (hand holding, easiness) stand out more to people.

I actually enjoyed X/Y, especially the post game content, which the Looker's case was really good, and online battles were manageable. In Sun/Moon, after capturing the Ultra Beasts, the game felt really empty, and the online missions didn't give me an incentive to keep playing it.

The biggest complaints about gen 6 complaint is that they were too easy but Sun and Moon are even easier with hand holding literally every step of the way.

X/Y is a traditional Pokemon game that oozes charm. Gyms got old and gimmicky but everything else made up for that.

Sun/Moon = linear, bland restricted hand holding that was stripped of difficulty to cater to new Pokémon Go fans like X/Y but multiplied by 10

Also mega evolutions were so much cooler than that cringeworthy dance + OP move

I'm feeling optimistic about Ultra S/M though. Casuals/New fans got their game now it's our turn.

Sat Aug 05 17 10:52pm
Rating: 1

Having just replayed Y, I can vouch that it's just as linear as Sun and Moon. I don't get how it's more hand-hold-y either. Yeah theres alot of cutscenes telling you where to go, but the previous games were pretty much the same for directing the player., and if you turn off EXP share, Sun/Moon are considerably harder than X and Y too.

And I have no idea what you can possibly mean by Sun and Moon being bland, unlike X and Y, they actually tried to write charming characters and a half decent plot.

X/Y didn't show you exactly where to go every 10-20 steps. The friendship between the kids on XY was cute and felt genuine but there's nothing charming about Lillie, she's annoying. Kuiki and Hau were annoying too. They were just filler in a game that needed extra content.

I don't get what you mean by Sun and Moon not being bland. Tropical island, split into 8 sections where you're locked until you talk to Lillie so she can talk about fashion, not wanting to battle and force feed Nebby cuteness onto you x4 for each island. That was pretty much the whole game.

Sat Aug 05 17 11:22pm
Rating: 2

I think you have to reply XY because there are alot of things wrong people have complained about them besides how easy it is. You say SM were hand holding, but XY had plenty of that too. Its actually worse in XY since none of the kid characters were good characters. In SM you see Lillie and Hau grow as characters and are integral to the plot, but in XY none of the kids are integral at all and just feel like an annoying every time you see them. Theres also Team Flare and the overall plot just not that good.

SM is actually harder than XY if you did not use the EXP share. In SM I was struggling to have my team keep up with the trainer levels, while in XY I had no problem at all. If I remember correctly XY had a fix EXP system while SM went back to BW EXP system (higher level = less exp gained). I do miss Gyms however, Trials were a nice change of pace, but when you look at them they were all essentially "beat a few wild pokemon and then fight the totem boss".

I enjoyed mega evolutions as well, but Z moves are no where near as OP as some of the popular Mega Evolutions. That fact that Mega Pokemon aren't allowed in this year's VGC should tell you why. But the concept of Alolan Pokemon is much better than mega evolutions to me. Too bad they decided to Gen 1 pander them (XY also pander by having almost the entire Kanto dex in the region, charizard and mewtwo having two megas etc...)

I hope they fix some issues in USUM too. I always wanted B2W2 difficulty setting back, but they never brought it back. Hopefully this games fixes some of SM issues.

They're the best games in the series hands down.

They had a much better story and had cutscenes. The story felt lot more involved than just "Stop the evil team and become Champion".

I really don't see how you can not like them. The story was so well done.

Sat Aug 05 17 08:59pm
Rating: 1

There might be a dawn form that looks like midnight form, but has some features of the midday form. Since dusk is the point that day turns into night, it makes sense why this form looks closer to Midday Form. The dawn form will looks closer to Midnight since dawn is night turning to day.

Can you say GAMECHANGER?

I love this new form, I definitely want to have one in my party!! I mean, it's not that different to the other two forms, but it's still really cool-looking. Lycanroc is easily one of my favorite Pokémon ever and this only adds to its charm.

I'm confused? Pokemon has always been linear....

I didn't enjoy S&M because of the story and constant interruptions for cut-scenes with endless boring dialog.

Even though it was very linear, I felt it lacked structure. In previous games the Gym Badges felt like bigger milestones. In S&M I had done like 6 Trials before I realised that I'm almost at the end.

The main two side characters were so annoying too.

It did hold your hand so much more than any previous game.

Sun/Moon show you exactly where to go. X/Y had more exploration, I don't get why people think it's debatable.

I don't disagree. Both games are linear but S&M holds your hand a lot more.

What? The story was a great reason to play the game. Without the great story, it would have been another Pokemon game. Those have been getting boring for a while.

I don't get people. The Pokemon games have never been bad but they definitely haven't be exciting for a very long time. Sun and Moon was a step in the right direction but people actually don't like it on here? People like boring games?

Opinions are subjective.
I didn't find the story exciting or engaging. I found it boring and the characters boring and annoying.
To be honest if you asked me to summarise what the story was - I doubt I could even tell you.

If you liked it then that's great, for you. Doesn't mean everyone has the same opinion.

I agree with the opinion though. After a long hiatus from Pokemon, I jumped back in to see what the games were like now in X and Y and I was shaking my head and bored out of my mind.
I tried Sun and Moon and it was better... More steps in the right direction but still not super great for what the series should have evolved to after all this time.

Sun Aug 06 17 11:49pm
(Updated 1 time)

ORAS was an atrocity and I really was on the verge of dumping the main games for PMD, but Sun and Moon were much better than Gen VI as a whole. My only big gripe with it was the idiotic removal of the national dex which makes NO sense whatsoever. Especially when moving it to Bank does nothing as the entries for non alolan pokemon are all blank. I REALLY hope they fix that and make it easier to level up to level 100 in USUM or else I'm not buying. With this form being the only new thing we've seen I'm getting worried

I assume you mean easier to grind to level 100 (like the Blissey's in ORAS) because S/M makes it really easy to level up Pokemon to 100 when using the Festival Plaza. You just need some setting up to do(and FC), but once you do you can instantly level up a lv 67 (or lv 66 haven't done the process in a while) poke to lv 100. And the plaza also has resources to level the Pokemon up to that required level as well.


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