5,000 people line up to grab a Switch in Japan

Just yesterday, around 5,000 people lined up outside of Bic Camera Ikebukuro in Tokyo. A day later, 5,000 people in Kawasaki lined up as well. They were lining up for yet another Switch lottery. It's worth noting that a day later, another 3,000 people were lined up to try again. Overall, 10% of those people ended up leaving the line with a Switch.

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These Japanese sure like to stay in line!

They had 500 switches, give or take.

This actually seems like a decent amount if this was any other time, I don't know how much a store could hold before running out of space.

I hope Nintendo can sort out the supply issues for this Christmas. People should be able to walk into a store a pick one up.

Whether they realise it or not, there is a lot more competition for people's time and money than when the Wii was the hot item. Nintendo can't afford to not meet demand with the Switch or people will get pissed off and will just pick up something else. The fans will always get one, the rest of the consumers wont wait forever for supply to meet demand.

Is it still about component shortages?
If at all possible, Nintendo should just put more money out there to increase production. Strike it when it's hot!!

I don't think Nintendo can just throw more money at the problem. They're competing with Apple for components and Apple wins out because they're Apple.

Depends on the exact components. But could also be down to fighting for manufacturing cycles.

Apple are likely full steam ahead producing the next iPhone for a September launch and aren't in the business really of having shortages for a product launch since they can bank on crazy demand.

Hopefully once that goes live Nintendo can increase production.

There's also the Xbox One X to fight against for component and manufacturing cycles.

I know a key component is the 32GB of onboard roam. Apple uses the same memory for their units, also produced at Foxconn. There were other components on the list, could have been wireless modules among other things but I don't remember exactly, cause the news were published weeks ago.

Meanwhile, in Australia, we are having sales on standalone local stock consoles with up to 20% off RRP.


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