Nintendo addresses amiibo controversy regarding Metroid: Samus Returns

This handy set of details shows you exactly what difficulty modes you get in Metroid: Samus Returns with and without the amiibo.

Metroid: Samus Returns Difficulty Modes

- Standard Mode (No amiibo required)
- Hard Mode (No amiibo required)
- Fusion Mode (amiibo required)

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Sorry guys but that is not what the article says. Fusion mode is completely locked behind amiibo. In Fusion mode you wear the Fusion suit and it is a very hard difficulty. There is also a hard mode that is different from Fusion mode that is unlocked when you beat the game and no amiibo required.

Good to hear. That's the best way to do something like that.

Thus is good news..i don't think I'll be able to find them for regular price..

Sorry guys but that is not what the article says. Fusion mode is completely locked behind amiibo. In Fusion mode you wear the Fusion suit and it is a very hard difficulty. There is also a hard mode that is different from Fusion mode that is unlocked when you beat the game and no amiibo required.

PWNY is 100% correct. The article is a bit misleading.

You can unlock 'hard' after beating normal without the need of amiibo.

For the even harder fusion mode, you need an amiibo.

I am more fine with a 'extra' hard mode being locked, as long as a proper hard mode is already included, though of course I'd prefer if no actual modes were Amiibo locked.

I am getting the Amiibo, though. And that Metroid 3DS, if it comes to Europe...

Nintendo lost my purchase with this decision. I will never support a game that hard locks something as major as a game mode behind a pay wall.

I don't want to be snarky about this, but you probably support companies that do this already.

For example Amazon has an entire day "locked behind a pay wall".

Best Buy has off hours sales events for their platinum customers, to be a platinum customer you need to spend X number of dollars.

Xbox live, PSN, the list goes on.

It's the same thing. People who spend more money get more content.

Paying for subscription services is not the same as buying a game and having to buy a little plastic toy to gain access to everything that comes with the base game. You don't have to pay to be allowed to buy things off of amazon, Prime is just a subscription service that provides various benefits. While I do consider PSN and XBLA to be over priced there is no correlation here either, as you're paying for a service. If you had to buy games and pay for each individual game to go online you would have a point. That is not the case, so you do not.

I get that this is a Nintendo site and like most people who post here you're either a fan or a fanboy, but nothing you used to defend this crappy practice Nintendo has adopted over the last couple years actually defends it. Nintendo has locked an entire game made behind an amiibo. That's worse than day one DLC, that's worse than preorder bonuses, it's worse than hard mode in Breath of the Wild only being available as a purchased DLC. Nintendo is locking away content from people who don't want to buy a cheap plastic toy.

Honestly, you're probably giving it more credit than it a worth calling it a whole new game mode. It's the same mode, just harder than the already available hard mode.

Nintendo has been doing this since the GameCube age, but I get feeling frustrated that you're missing out on something already in the game.

I stopped reading at the subscription part, it's the same thing bro, the amiibos can be a "subscription" in other products to unlock more content.

Sorry I still think your being short sighted, if your not supporting Nintendo for this then you shouldn't support Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Microsoft, Google, Apple and so on.

You don't have to pay to be allowed to buy things off of amazon

Actually, there are products on Amazon that are "Prime exclusives".

BotW has a hard mode behind a $20 paywall. Yet, I don't see many people complaining about it

The difference is, you're going to count yourself lucky if you can even get your hands on one of these amiibo at MSRP

Plenty people complained and have held off on buying the Expansion pass until they see what's in pack 2.

Also there will be no restriction on buying the Pass at the decided price and getting the content whereas popular Amiibos continue to be in short supply at the normal price. There's a good chance people will end up having to pay more to access this Metroid content than they did to access all the Zelda content.

Amiibo locked content is a dual layer of restriction. First locked behind the Amiibo and secondly locked behind the lack of supply of said Amiibo.

Also the Zelda content wasn't on disc. All the Metroid content is on the cartridge as far as we know.

Thats an unfair comparison considering the $20 has more content than just the hard mode (which isn't even the main focus of the season pass).

One could just complete the game and then borrow the amiibo from a friend to unlock the stuff if you really want it. I mean, you probably know SOMEONE who's getting them. :P

Fusion mode still being locked isn't something I would consider commendable.
They could at least have it unlock after beating the hard mode.

three difficulty modes:

Hard - unlocked after beating the game the first time
Fusion - unlocked by amiibo, but only available after beating the game as well

Although I do not like what Nintendo did here, keep in mind that you do not need to buy the amiibo, but only need to have access to it ONE TIME. As long as you have at least one friend who has one, you can get the mode for free.

Tue Aug 08 17 10:32am
(Updated 1 time)

I guess it's better than I first thought.
Which one is the amiibo that unlocks Fusion mode ?

EDIT: Okay I've figured it out. It is very crappy that they lock every single other stuff behind another amiibo. At least, all unlocks should be included in either one of the new amiibos. I can sort of understand that they do less important content in the old Metroid amiibos but the two new ones should both include all the good stuff.

I think we all agree this game is the one where Nintendo went too far with the whole amiibo thing.

Tue Aug 08 17 10:40am
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Of course the first 2D metroid game in 13 years with come with a huge caveat. I just hope this doesn't negatively effect the sales of the game. We NEED this and Prime 4 to sell well to keep Metroid alive. Yes, the fusion mode being locked behind an amiibo sucks all kinds of balls, but my love and hope for the future of this series FAR outweighs having to shell out a little extra. I was planning on getting the amiibo anyway. I know not everyone will. I understand the anger, but this could be the turning point of the series, and I'm going to do my part to make sure this game sells well so we can see more of Samus in the future.

Tue Aug 08 17 02:23pm
Rating: 1

I don't believe this will effect the sales in any meaningful way. While I do feel this is a misstep, Nintendo's bigger mistake was allowing the franchise to go dormant for 7 years. Now that they've brought it back there will be young people who have probably never played or heard of Metroid. While 3DS does have a large install base, everyone's attention is now on Switch. Those facts will potentially hurt the game's sales more than anything.

Hopefully Nintendo will learn the right lessons if the game under-performs.

Dammed if you make an amiibo that barely does anything (the latest SSB amiibo for instance) dammed if you make an amiibo that's actually worth using. (Metroid Line) Nintendo won't ever win if people complain about the usage of amiibo all the time. I for one eagerly await the day they make a proper amiibo only game so all my amiibo can go to good use instead of being there for minor unlocks.

And yet, people still complain about the amiibo being locked.....

Tue Aug 08 17 03:29pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 2 times)

Tbh I feel like everyone is blowing this out of proportion. None of the unlocks seem particularly notable (it's not like someone isn't gonna post the concept art on the internet, if you REALLY want to see that). The full game and its hard mode is still playable (is a fusion mode really the dealbreaker?). And if it's the reserve tanks...why would you even want the fusion mode if you struggle getting through the game without these bonus Amiibo tanks?

These are just some bonus perks for if you ever decide to buy an Amiibo. I guess I'm not worried about it because I don't see it as a slippery slope like many across gaming forums see it as. I don't think Nintendo would ever start locking major content behind an Amiibo in the future, unless the game already had Amiibo bundled-in. But if I'm wrong, I'm wrong.

I think you're right. It doesn't set a good precedence but the sky isn't falling. If a Nintendo fan wants to vote with their dollars they're entitled to do so and I won't judge, but ultimately these features aren't part of the core experience and can still be unlocked without a purchase if you know someone with the amiibo in their collection.

I'm not blowing this out of proportion. I like amiibo, I'm ok with them. But there are a couple things I don't like about this particular instance of amiibo using.

1. It is clear by now that the game alone is a complete game with all modes that should be there included, so that's great no problem there. However if they want me to buy the extra hard mode dlc, they need to make sure the fig itself is on the shelves, something that they have failed to do several times in the past.
2. I hate, absolutely HATE that they make you buy another fig for every single little tiny extra bit of content. All the stuff should be included in ALL the figs. At least the new ones that accompany the release.

Overall, I've never felt like I'm being ripped off when not buying amiibo for a game before. SO I'm okay with them when they're done well. Here I definitely feel like Ninty is taking obvious advantage of the amiibo situation and trying to rip me off.

My stance is, okay, you bought the Amiibo. It's ~$15 or whatever. Sure, it's more expensive than many types of DLC. But unlike most DLC, it can be scanned into a wide variety of games for various effects. Some are minor, some are a bit more substantial. But it's definitely more than just a one-off.

The Metroid Amiibo will surely have an effect in Prime 4 and more. So pretty sure this won't be the only use. If you're a fan of Metroid, odds are you already have the Smash Metroid Amiibo, and likely want the new ones, too.

Basically, I see no problem with this. I have all the Zelda series Amiibo as well, and while an expense, I'm sure they will continue to have uses beyond BotW.


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