German retailer lists "Pokemon Gold Edition" and "Pokemon Silver Edition" for 70 Euro

We know that Pokemon Gold/Silver are coming to the 3DS on the Virtual Console. Now we have something a bit odd. A German retailer has a listing for Pokemon Golden Edition and Pokemon Silver Edition on the 3DS, and they are priced at 70 Euro each. What on early could these listings be before? Seems too low for a special edition 2DS. Could this be a boxed version of the game itself? Thanks to Heisnbrg for the heads up!


It's got to be a placeholder of some sorts.

2DSs are $80 w/ a game.....

These are most likely 2DS bundles like Japan got.

Yes, i think it should be something like the 2DS special editions with Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow. We got these three editions in europe too, but for 99 Euro, not 70 Euro.

Which Retailer? The source leads only to the user. Haven't seen any German Retailer so far listing this. But I also say this is just a placeholder.

Thanks Heisnberg!

Really an oddball this listing. Saturn isn't known for false listings since they add new products relatively late. But I still guess they are wrong here.


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