Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 accidentally includes a Nintendo license reference

If you download the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 on its available platforms and don't grab the patch, you can see that a little mistake was made in Mega Man 7. Capcom forgot to remove the "licensed by Nintendo" message! This collection might not be on the Switch, but damnit, Nintendo is still involved! Thanks to KingBroly for the heads up.

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"and don't grab the patch"

I can't help but find it kinda funny that a day 1 patch would include removing a "licensed by" thing from an emulated ROM. That does remind me though that when you boot up Shantae on the 3DS there are times when the ROM nearly displays the Capcom logo from the original GBC release for a second only to cut it off very abruptly (since technically Capcom doesn't own the IP in any fashion, Wayforward somehow managed to ensure they retained all rights).

This does kinda remind me of how when you look through the museum in the Disney Afternoon Collection they really made sure to scrub all Nintendo references from the original boxarts and manuals (and I bet even if there was a Nintendo version of that game they would have still kept the boxes and manuals scrubbed because it would have probably made porting simpler).

Not only did they leave the "licenCed by Nintendo" part in there, they also let an Engrish-style misspelling slip by as well.

30 years later, their english skills became even worse. For 2020, I fear the worst if the japanese officials do not hire foreign staff to handle all the foreigners from around the world.

Tue Aug 08 17 10:59pm
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I think the British English spelling IS "licenced"... but I could be wrong here. Still amusing, either way.

Tue Aug 08 17 10:14pm
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Well fanboys of other consoles got their wish of having a Nintendo licensed game on their favorite system.

Tue Aug 08 17 11:14pm
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Yep. But it's not exactly what they hope for. Heh...

Uh-oh.... Cappy better get rid of the "licensed by Nintendo" message before Nintendo catch wind of this.

Tue Aug 08 17 11:31pm
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Still odd that its not on switch.

if this was by design (since Digital Eclipse made the first one as well) then well played (getting more attention that a game collection released on nintendo consoles sans 8 did not make it on a nintendo console)

if it was not...well it does not change much...

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