RUMOR - SEGA lists Sonic Mania as a packaged retail game

This would be one of many, many examples of Sonic Mania being listed as a retail release. SEGA knows fans want to see that happen. It wouldn't be surprising to see it happen, but there's still nothing official at this time.

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I am going to be furious if a retail version is announced after I get the collector's edition with a freaking download code in it. :I

A "Collector's Edition" without a copy of the game... just a bunch of cheap, tacky plastic garbage. I'm not going to encourage publishers by supporting that nonsense.

I'll get the game digitally, and if it happens to release physically later I'll get that too... still cheaper than the Collector's Edition.

No ship!!! I completely agree, it's one of those things that I am tugging at on whether I keep my preorder and regret it or dump it on some vague hope and potentially regret it. Sounds like a Kobayashi Maru situation if I ever heard of one.

If this is happening I hope they say before the digital release. I don't mind when indie games are successful and they decide to release it physically later as a result but I'm not going to double dip on a major publisher releasing physical later.

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