Kickstarter - Next Gen N64 controller (new controller for N64)

The Retro Fighters controller for N64 is a modern take on the N64 controller. We wanted to remake the N64 controller with next generation features and designs!

Kickstarter here

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Wed Aug 09 17 06:56pm
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Looks pretty nice. I backed it, for $20 that's an affordable price.

With this companies NES gamepad reputation, I wish I had the $200 to send them to get all their products in the future for free!

I may end up backing this for at leas $20 as well.

If we're kickstarting controllers now, when will someone step up and make a modern gamecube controller for switch?

The concept is interesting, but I admit I love the original N64 controller as it was. It's incredibly unique as far as controllers go.

I like it. My only issue is if it will be high quality, since most 3rd party controllers are garbage. Every N64 3rd party controller that I have used I have absolutely hated. I like the original N64 controller, I actually think it looks cool as hell even though most people I hear talk about how hideous it is. I had absolutely no problem using it when I played a lot of N64 back when it was a current console. However, now that I rarely play the N64 it feels awkward, and the small amount I actually play the thing there isn't really time to get used to it again. So this would be good considering that it is good quality. As cheap as it is, I'd be willing to try one out.

Same here. I don't mind that much about the N64 Controller design, I actually kind of like it, my biggest issue is the joystick replacement, which there are none that are as good as the original. All feel cheap, same as all third party controllers.

I see this mostly as a Joystick replacement rather that a redesigned controller, I just want to play games without an old loose joystick or a cheaply made, highly sensitive replacement.

If that's what you want, keep an eye on Enkko or SteelSticks64. The first is making stick replacement parts that are as close to original as possible, while the other is making replacement modules with stainless steel parts, aside from the gears which are refurbished OEM parts. SteelSticks64 is actually producing their first wave for early adopters and sending them out already. Enkko is refining prototypes which are being tested for better lifespan and finding a new cast maker as the previous one wasn't living up to their expectations. Both have been doing all of their testing with the speedrun and competitive Smash 64 communities to ensure high quality performance. You can't order either yet as you'd have had to be one of the early adopters, but I figure by next year both will be ready for mainstream release.

I've had my eye on both of these, but both seem to have been in development for a long time, slowing moving forward. I think the Enkko guy even crowd sourced a good portion to get started? Either way I'll be picking up each if they can fine tune the stick / bowl and release to the public. Meanwhile I think giving this new controller a chance is a viable option to the original N64 controllers if they can recreate how the sensitivity felt with the original sticks.

Yeah, the Enkko one did kickstart it. He's been giving very regular and specific updates on the successes and problems as he goes though. He shows every iteration of the parts and molds he obtains as well as detailed reports on the types of plastics he's been testing. He's definitely the most far off from completion though.

Steelsticks64 on the other hand is done all development. He's just making and shipping out the pre-ordered ones now. He even let a few people buy some completed controllers off of ebay if they were too impatient to wait. Once Steelsticks finishes his initial order he received, he will be able to ship to the public soon after. The only real development he does now is figuring out ways to make the parts faster to get more out sooner by improving his workflow.

and yeah, I plan on getting both and trying them out for myself on some old worn out controllers.

Thanks for the info! Will definitely check them out whenever they become available. Have been looking for a replacement like that for quite some time.

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