Pikachu costume malfunction strikes again

Okay, this is the second time this has happened! Last time we showed off a Pikachu costume malfunction, it was followed by a group of men tackling the Pikachu and dragging it off-stage. This time around, whoever's in charge lets the disaster play out for the enjoyment of millions online. Can't wait to see what happens next time!

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It's really trying its best though!

This, and the memory of that last one just has me giggling :D

Didn't know they have Salsa for these types of events in Japan

It's really trying its best though!

Thu Aug 10 17 05:40pm
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I really want to be Partially-Deflated Pikachu for Halloween.

Thu Aug 10 17 06:18pm
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You can kind of see the person inside internally going 'oh nooooooooooo' as the bit goes on.

At least this one got to stay on stage

surprised it didn't get tackled like in korea.

I love the acrobatics going on with the hat there. "Oh nooo! There it go... no! Wait! HA HA! I have redeemed this! ....aaaand it's gone again."


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