Disgaea 5 Complete surpasses 100.000 copies sold on Nintendo Switch worldwide

During its latest financial briefing, Nippon Ichi Software has confirmed that Disgaea 5 Complete has sold more than 100.000 copies. This was in line of expectations as NIS America did confirm a similar amount of pre-orders.

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Fri Aug 11 17 09:07am
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Oh nice! Hope they continue to release more on the Switch in the future too! I actually bought Disgaea 5 Complete literally a few days ago so I can't wait to dig in to that!

Not bad if you consider that this game was released on other systems earlier.

And not forget the high price tag. I have to say, cool that the DLC are included, but seeing Games like Disgaea 5 and Fate Extella (also with all released DLC) for 60 Bucks turns me away from these releases.

I bought this game at launch and I love it. I hope they bring all their games to the Switch.

people who have the console are DESPERATE for games. so they will buy a niche title because in contrast to other games, this got good reviews.

Fri Aug 11 17 01:08pm
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Desperate? There are many games on the eShop I am after but money says no. I have been playing the demo lately and the game is a blast ( I don't give a rat's ass about reviews). I love rhe cheesyJapanesy style and the gameplay is sweet too.

But maybe some others are desperate for games on the system.

My first Disgaea, and I've played it more than 100 hours. I bought the collector, so I'm a bit under 1hour per dollar, but I think it was a good buy. :3
Can't wait to see more NIS games on Switch!

I need to give this demo a fair shot and see if it's something I would actually play.

I played the demo and I have to say this game isn't for me (also too many games in my backlog anyway so I shouldn't be looking to get even more long games), but it's good to see niche games doing well.

I find that playing games in the order that you bought them helps. I know too many people that play a lot of games at once and just forgot about some. It's a waste of money to me. I play one game till the end and move on to something else.

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