Yo-Kai Watch Busters 2 confirmed for 3DS

I mean, I think we all knew this was going to be the case, but it's good to have confirmation. Not sure why Level-5 held back in the first place, but today the company confirmed that the recently-revealed Yo-Kai Watch Busters 2 is indeed coming to 3DS. No word on localization at this time.

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Great! Now get the first game over here!

Yeah, I wanna try it out. I hope they release the remaining LBX and Inazuma Eleven games.

Whaaaa!? I didn't even know there were sequels to LBX, and now I see there are two of them, just waiting to be localized! Dammit Level-5! Get on that!

Considering how they didn't localize Time Travelers (A game that I've wanted forever now) don't get your hopes up for anything actually good from them to be brought over here, save for the Layton game. That's the first good thing they've released here in english since... Friday Monsters and the last Layton game.

I've actually imported Time Travelers from Japan, but seeing as it seems to be more of an interactive film more than anything, I can see why it didn't get localized. Currently awaiting Yo-kai Sangokushi as well, because if there's one Yo-kai Watch game that I feel has a low chance of getting released here, it's that one. :P

Yeah, I felt like the anime/games didn't do well. The anime episodes were cut down in the dub. They censored the guns.


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