Resident Evil Revelations Collection - A look at the (not final) box

As you can see, the box above wants you to know that it hasn't been finalized yet. This could indeed be the final box, but it hasn't been given the last stamp of approval. Even though it's two separate pieces of art, I really like the way they blend together!

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So no Revelaitons? Weak sauce, Capcom.

Too bad the physical version isn't coming to Europe. Well.. going to import the US one then, luckily the Switch is region free.

Sat Aug 12 17 03:16pm
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Wait what? Oh well if that's the case, I'll go digital only then. Not like I don't already own the first one physically anyway.

EDIT: Oh so Japan is getting both physically according to the comment below.

I tend to buy digitally, will they both be available as separate purchases or will I have to buy then together?

They'll be separate on the eShop, for $19.99 each.

Thanks for the reply. I had that original on 3DS but never got around to playing it, so I'm glad for the second chance on Switch.

I think I'll import the Japanese releases so that I get both games physically. Just like Capcom to cheap out and only offer one of the games on the cart in the US...

Huh? So the Japanese are getting both physically?

It seems like it. I think it was Famitsu who listed them as separate releases. I guess we'll see.

Both are separate on the eShop so they could have meant the digital versions.

Could be, but when it comes to Capcom, they usually release physical versions in Japan, while the rest of the world gets digital only. Like I said, we'll see...

Sat Aug 12 17 03:38pm
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Thank you for sharing!! Just pre-ordered my copy. Smile Can't wait!!

So no Revelaitons? Weak sauce, Capcom.

Sat Aug 12 17 09:09pm
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What does this mean? I don't get it but you're cool so I'm sure you are referring to something.

UPDATE: Google is my friend. Man, that's hilarious! http://kotaku.com/5893218/capcom-says-resident-evil-revelations-spelling-error-was-embarrassing/

I had that Mercenaries RE game for 3DS: I wouldn't mind seeing a rerelease of that.

Knowing Capcom, that "Final Box Art Pending" might end up on the released cover.

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