Kickstarter - Switch "Atomic Purple" Replacement Shell

This project is incredibly simple, as a retro game enthusiast I love the classic transparent ( atomic) purple color on my handhelds. So I reached out to ShenZhen MaiKaisi Trade Co ltd, who already has a beautiful if not limited in options replacement shell for the Nintendo Switch and joy-cons. They said that though they have no personal interest in offering the shell in transparent colors, they would be happy to do a limited test run for me at a decent price per unit. The pledge you make will cover the exact cost of the prototyping and creating of the shell using the best materials to replicate the Atomic purple color in a dense durable abs plastic, purchase and import of your unit, and currency exchange fees.

Kickstarter here (thanks Anton!)

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WOW, It's beautiful!
Please, make it happen!

Reminds me of the transparent game boy...

Just got one!!! This is awesome, thanks for post RMC!

Sat Aug 12 17 03:31pm
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Welp, I just backed my first KS project ever.

Edit: I had to back down. I thought it was only for joycon shells. I somehow overlooked the Switch backing part.

If you were okay with paying the price for just the joycon shells, it's not like you HAVE to replace the Switch backing as well. I'm sure you've thought of that, but just wanted to point it out since you seemed initially interested in it.

Very true. Guess I kinda psyched myself out of committing to the KS overall.

I'll keep on it to see if I might wanna pull the trigger again, but seems like it'll hit its goal without my contribution (assuming I'm not jinxing it).

I'd love to see official transparent Joy-Cons. I miss the 90's.

Sat Aug 12 17 04:01pm
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I've always hated see-through electronics. Reminds me of cheap electronics from the 90's. And iMacs.

Sat Aug 12 17 04:50pm
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I think that is why many, me included, see some joy from this. The Switch has given me a lot of nostalgia and I would like to at LEAST have a pair of Joycons that reflect this. The main Switch unit I may just leave alone though.

FYI for anyone who gets this - it'll most likely void your warranty if you disassemble your Switch to do this.

I fully acknowledge this, actually. However, I will probably observe how good the plastic is before assembling the pieces together, if it not good enough plastic for me I simply won't put it together. This will also take some time for him to fabricate and deliver (if most KS campaigns show) so by the time most of us would get one, chances are most of our warranties would already been expired.

Sat Aug 12 17 04:46pm
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I'm on board for this.

Yeah. . .this looks like a lazy kickstarter scam to me. But if not (big if), good luck to you atomic purple crazed backers :P

When has Kickstarter ever been a scam?

Sat Aug 12 17 08:53pm
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There has beenquite a few. Namely one that got KS in hot water was a supposed trans used money from a funding to fuel her transformation, and several who caught wind demanded refunds. Though the first part was never given much evidence, the latter part, she donated the remains of her funds to Feminist Frequency and ousted those who were critical as sexists and transphobic. The latter part actually has evidence, which is more credible.


A link about her actions, the rest were her little Twitter war against those that funded her failed project.


Another link, since some do not like Reaxxion due to being incredibly anti-feminist.

Don't forget Might No 9

I really wouldn't say that one was a genuine scam (though I think that success of funding got waaaaaay too into Inafune's head). Cause 1) The game -DID- come to fruition, and 2) There was no shady secret agenda for him at the time of that KS. One can easily make that argument more on his two other projects that he asked for funding for than Mighty No 9.

That wasn't a scam. What are you talking about?

Does this violated any patent law? Like this is 1:1 shell copy so idk if they can be off the hook with this

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