FIFA 18 may kick you for inactivity when playing online

No matter how far ahead of your opponent you are in FIFA 18, don't put the controller down. Someone playing the FIFA 18 closed beta has found this out the hard way.

In one particular game, a player was ahead of their opponent 11 to 0. With 10 minutes left in the game, the winning player decided to take a break and grab a bite to eat. When he came back, he found out the game had been forfeited due to inactivity, costing him the match. If you want that win, no matter how great you're doing, make sure you play the entire time!

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Sun Aug 13 17 01:17pm
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How is this anything new?

Every sports game I'v played gives you a timer before it forfeits your game.

Nothing new. Most online games these days kick you for inactivity regardless.

I would be more inclined to be upset if it didn't kick players out like that. AFKing is annoying to deal with.

Especially in Splatoon were this problem mean that the rest of the team may lose for someone is not playing their game.

Nintendo SHOULD just restart the match with new players in, instead of letting IT continue with 3 vs 4.

So AFK just make me 😠

I'm glad that happened. You're already kicking the other player's ass, then you wanna make him wait so you can get a sandwich? I hope he at least let the other player know that's what he was doing, and not just kept him waiting without saying a word and I hope that the other player got credited with the win.

yeah I always want to believe it's just a network pb, but either way I'm glad someone not moving is kicked out. I would go even further to be honest, I've seen splatoon players slowly moving in circle just to fool that; Even if you are unhappy about the match at least pretend to try !

going back to that 11-0 , you know unless you're playing for a cash bonus, 4-0 is enough. Games are social encounters too, don't be a douche

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