Sonic Mania takes the Switch eShop by storm in NA/EU

Looks like Sonic fans are eager for a bit of old-school fun. Sonic Mania has already grabbed the top spot on the Switch eShop in North America, the UK, and other parts of Europe. We had no doubt the game would be a success, and it's great to see it take the #1 spot so quickly. How are you enjoying your time with the game so far?

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Wed Aug 16 17 07:50am
Rating: 1

I bought it through the Russian eShop, equivalent of £9, whereas it would have cost £15.99 had I bought it through my native UK eShop!

Did the same, brought that version, so IT was a instant-buy.

Funny that the other cheaper russian-version was Specter Knight, also a retro-inspired game that people love very much.


Now will you please stop with Sonic Boom and do more of this SEGA?

Wed Aug 16 17 07:53am
Rating: 2

The thing that amazes me most is the level design. The sheer scale and amount of routes you can take to get from A-B is phenomenal.

A true successor to Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles on the Genesis. It's great to see that Sonic Mania is the #1 Nintendo Switch title at the eShop in North America and Europe!

Wed Aug 16 17 09:18am
Rating: 1

It's a cool game. The new levels are inspired. The old levels are fine. I'm enjoying the game thoroughly but there are some frustrating bits that remind me why Sonic is so limited in the gameplay department. Constantly running into enemies and losing all your coins. That's never fun and happens all the time.

A lot of people are frustrated about running into enemies and losing their rings. To me, that's part of the game. Back when I was a teenager, it was expected that enemies posed some sort of challenge. Sometimes they were even cheap. But the skilled players figured out where they were and dealt with them.

The thing to remember is that games from the 90s were an evolution of games from the 80s. And the games from the 80s were an evolution of arcade games. That is to say games whose goal was to limit 25¢ to 3 minutes. So in the 90s games were still challenging and there was cred to being able to get through it.

Surprisingly I checked the Japanese shop yesterday and it wasn't on the best sellers list at all.

Japan doesn´t care about Sonic at all

Wed Aug 16 17 07:02pm
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Japan is the special snowflake in almost everything. It's the country where a game like Plantera DX was dominating the Switch eShop Charts. That says many.

What's currently popular in the rest of the world doesen't mean it's popular in Japan at all. I wouldn'g go so far calling Crash Bandicoot "Bombed" in Japan, but there wasn't any hype either. Sonic Mania is another example. The fact that this Game is developed by a western team is adding even more to the whole story. Don't expect any hype for Sonic Mania in Japan, it will most likely bomb in it's country of origin.

I'm loving it! Two player with my oldest son isn't going so well, as he doesn't keep running and disappears off the screen. But it's a well-presented, engaging game that actually gives you what you WANT from this franchise. Makes me wonder if this kind of approach, rather than more "New" Super Mario Bros., wouldn't be a good path for Nintendo to take with the series.

Wed Aug 16 17 12:44pm
(Updated 1 time)

I like that mania for the most part has gotten rid of bottomless pits. Other than Flying Battery I don't think there are any other areas with bottomless pits. But then again I'm only at Metallic Madness soo...

Wed Aug 16 17 02:46pm
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So uh am i the only one who thinks the game is just...eh

If the 3D Sonics were more like Adventure 1 and 2, I would like to see it get the Metroid treatment. There are 3D Sonics but I liked the darker and more serious tone.

I picked this up as the first co-op game on my switch due to the nostalgia and simple gameplay which fits perfectly with single joycons.

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